Hot take 

School was just indoctrination into bullshit and didnt actually teach me even the smallest thing that would help me in the real world beyond arithmetic.

Okay there was that one programming class in highschool...

@xorowl True for some kids, I expect others got useful things from school. Some people need a more structured learning environment than others.

@cabalamat sure, but that doesn't mean they actually taught you how to survive. I didn't learn taxes, government, how to make friends, how to get a job, how to pay bills, how money worked, how to handle intense emotion, how to deal with negative people, jeez, half of what they taught was a sanitized lie.
Yknow.... i take it back though, i feel like my science classes at least were pretty solid. that shit's helped me out with basic life.

@xorowl I didn't learn any of the things you listed either. They did teach me a fair bit of maths and science which was useful i suppose.

Having said that I've only once used calculus in my life after school.


@cabalamat I think school in the UK at least has a bias against teaching people practical stuff and towards teachnig theoretical/academic stuff instead.

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