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Hello fediverse!

We decided to have an account here to share updates about our work on project hosting federation. And this is the first post :)

There are various independent projects related to project federation; the one I'm working on is based on ActivityPub, with some extra bits and extensions. And I'm excited about it!

Comments on our posts here are very welcome! We have a Discourse forum too, and IRC channels (which can be accessed via Matrix too!).

See you in the next posts :)


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Do the simple thing first.

Rapidly prototyping new features and existing ones allowed us to focus on user experience first.

As the UI matures, we have been refactoring old code to prepare for full federation, mobile apis and real time updates.

What started out as 2 lines of code that powered Timelines has grown to over 80 lines and will soon grow even larger as we aim to reduce load times for these important API endpoints.

#pixeldev #pixelfed
Pixelfed TimelineController fro…
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Using a fan-out on write approach and in-memory sorted set for the Notifications experiment has reduced the http request load time from seconds to milliseconds on

This is very encouraging, I look forward to doing a new experiment with the Public Timeline later this week. #pixelfed #pixeldev #pixelfedLabs

I've not been working on MeowCat the last few days as I've been working on my other website for the European Election

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Smalltalk: everything’s an object
ML: everything’s a function
chemists: everything’s a chemical

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As a project, Pleroma seems to be doing all of the things Diaspora should have done years ago.

* Good collaboration between many different individual contributors

* Coherent goals for what direction the project should go in

* Regular updates and improvements that usually don't break everything

* Heavily invests in architectural improvements and early optimizations

* Regularly evaluates what sets of APIs and features to support

* Tests federation between different platforms to debug issues

* Constantly thinks about how fediverse communication apps can be better
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Should I include emoji support in MeowCat? Ideally, give reasons.

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I think Mastodon has done a lot of good for the fediverse in terms of onboarding new users. I hope that as Pleroma hits 1.0, we can find ways to onboard new users that do not step on Mastodon's toes and vice-versa.
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@yunohost @freedomboxfndn @freedombone

It's bad news, I'm afraid :blobcry:

"Dark day for internet freedom: The @Europarl_EN has rubber-stamped copyright reform including #Article13 and #Article11. MEPs refused to even consider amendments. The results of the final vote: 348 in favor, 274 against"

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I've been waiting for a true mesh-based phone for a long time! So glad to see it's finally happening! They are currently invite-only, use my refer link if you want to join

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federated networks are the next battle for software freedom
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Thanks to @kaniini for helping me figure out how to fix pixelfed for pleroma support! #federation

@cabalamat The fonts are RobotoSlab for the headings and Roboto for the main text.

I'm working on MeowCat, currently on the Markdown and CSS for messages. They were ugly but look prettier now (IMO) .

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