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Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @charm - Creating free open source command line interface apps, libs and back ends

🌟 @hootalex - Artist making lovely wholesome art featuring birds

🌟 @maja.mielke - Photographer and scientist taking pictures of birds, plants and wildlife

🌟 @3DPrintingDad - Enthusiastic fan of 3D printing

🌟 @joewatsonillustration - Illustrator and designer with fantasy and surreal themes


@aral thank you for the kind words! We are vc funded, but strive to live up to our ideals of openness, empowerment, and creativity. We believe in a federated and self-hostable future. Also, one of our co-founders recently did a Changelog podcast and talked about our philosophy in-depth if anyone is curious to hear more:

Given the production values, I’m assuming they’re VC-funded but, regardless, @charm are doing some really interesting work in command-line apps via ssh (and all their stuff is open source).

Take the VC/corporate focus away for a second and their approach is actually very similar to that of the small web (, only on the command-line and with ssh.

Lots to learn from their approach for making traditionally complicated things easier to use.


#Meshtastic is an off-grid, encrypted communication platform that runs #opensource software on affordable radios. These radios rebroadcast messages they receive in order to create a mesh network. The underlying technology, #LoRa is a long range radio protocol that is available to most regions without needing certification like ham operators.

Paired with the #Meshtastic companion app, you are able to send and receive #encrypted messages on your personal mesh. These radios have low power draw so they have excellent battery life. Perfect for outdoor excursions like backpacking, hiking, paragliding, and skiing where communication can be sparse.

Radios can be paired to a single phone so that you're able to message your friends and family, and they can address your specific radio.

#solarpunk #mesh #radio #kill #internet #star

training in expert mode (no typos allowed), 10 words... improving...

just hit 10k stars on GitHub!

Thanks, everyone! 🙏 This is quite amazing... I never thought it would get this far 🤩

🧋 To celebrate we’re giving away Bubble Tea stickers! To request some just fill out the ol’ sticker request form:

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🤯 Bubble Tea just hit 10k stars on GitHub!! We’re SO happy you love TUIs as much as we do! 🤗

📜 Check out, an amazing new Wish app that lets you blog over SSH/SCP! No account creation needed since it leverages SSH public keys just like Charm.

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