I found about git-worktree this week, and just had to write a bigger-than-a-toot-but-still-short thing about it to share with y'all


I have an old screenshot from when I was a teenager running Slackware patching kernels etc etc the good times

every time I look at it, I see this in the desktop and wonder: what in the name of fuck is that?

What a weekend! Ended up #1 on HackerNews, a dozen sub-reddits and GitHub Trending.

So exhausted, but also so proud of everything we do at @charm!


To all the Arch Linux users out there: I'm working on integrating AUR into GoReleaser, sponsored by @charm!

Check it out: github.com/goreleaser/goreleas

Do you use something to auto-post from twitter to mastodon or vice-versa? 🧐

Give it a try on @caarlos0's SSH playground:

> ssh -p 2220 ssh.caarlos0.dev

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🔮 We just launched Wishlist, an SSH proxy and TUI directory! Wishlist is a single entrypoint to multiple SSH servers discovered from your .ssh/config or defined in a yaml. SSH into Wishlist and hop to the host of your choice. Happy surfing!


📜 Check out this excellent Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss tutorial:


Learn to make a TUI to browse through GitHub's trending pages. Very cool!

@charm @caarlos0

I'm so stoked, proud and grateful to work with you and have you as part of our small team at Charm!

✅ Open source
✅ Command line
✅ Carlos

Welcome aboard, Carlos! Let's make some cool sh*t 🤓

⚡ We're making it official, @caarlos0 is joining Charm! Carlos has made awesome contributions to a lot of our projects and we're extremely excited to have him join the team full-time. Read more on his blog, and long live open source!


@fribbledom postgres is so much better I don't see any reason to use mysql except "because I want to"

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