Wrote down about some configs I use that might be not so well-known, hope its helpful:

@caarlos0 Thanks, I didn't know about the RemoteCommand for ~/ssh/config. I was always manually doing it (via running an alias)

@caarlos0 thanks a lot!

I actually use tmate a lot as I know nothing about the great things that ssh offers (till now ;) ).

Can the 'open connection' thing you mentioned be used also with a reverse tunnel? If enabled only with preloaded keys, this would make a nice backdoor for inaccessible pcs.

@Santral hmm, don't know, shouldn't be too hard to test though

@caarlos0 I did not know about forwarding yubikey-agent... I'm doing that now!

@caarlos0 forwarding my yubikey sounds great. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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