@petersanchez that’s impressive as well, my max was that 270kg in the full and 330kg in the half deadlift

Both got me destroyed for multiple hours though, as of this moment (24h later) my forearms still hurting 😂

@caarlos0 I hear you! I always start with my heavy compound lift of the day and I accept that the rest of my training will be at 80ish % because I'm just so wiped.

When the pandemic started I stopped all gym until maybe November last year. Home workouts, too much pizza, way too much alcohol, etc. basically killed all my strength.

So now my current totals are lower (ie, 365 is my current top DL, which hurts my feelings to think about haha)

But back at it trying to get my groove again. Slowly but surely.

@petersanchez I sometimes do it on first exercise, sometimes as last... this one in the photo was at last... but it really depends on the day

yeah covid fucked my routine a lot too, but here in brazil gyms reopened pretty soon, and I live in a rather small town, so I got maybe a couple of months as excuse. To compensate I did cardio and died basically every day 😂

Slow and steady is the only way! You'll get there! 🤘

@caarlos0 Yea, I live in Nicaragua now and nothing really ever closed. I just stayed indoors forever hah.

Cheers dude!

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