Any good Mastodon app's recommendations for iOS?

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FWIW I actually liked Amaroq more than Toot, probably because the interface is more similar to twitter 🤔


Haven't used them myself, but I think "Toot!" and "Amaroq" are pretty popular.

@fribbledom yep, been trying amaroq, but its pretty "basic" (although it works and feels fast, at least hehe)

@caarlos0 If you don't use Buddhist Era or Japanese Era, Amaroq is the best on iOS IMO.

@caarlos0 @amdg2 I tried almost of them before I landed on #Toot. I think it’s the best of them all.

@rd If I didn't use machine translation, Toot!'d be my favourite. @amdg2 @caarlos0

@vi21 @amdg2 @caarlos0 Do you mean an in-built translatation function in the app? That’s one feature that one of the other iOS apps had that I also missed initially, yes.

@caarlos0 I'm not an iOS user but I heard some people recommend Mercury (though it was in the context of accessibility IIRC)
List of apps is here:

@caarlos0 I'm using Mast. It looks really nice, especialy on ipad. But im afraid it's not being maintained anymore (?) :( Otherwise it works perfectly!

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