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The fact that Apple launched an online refurbishing store perplexes me, because about a few months ago, they said that refurbishing is the equivalent of counterfeiting. Apparently it's okay for Apple to do it, but not the small guys? 🤔

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i'm not actively looking to change employers, but if you're doing cool things outside the mormon corridor and are seeking mid-level AWS infra or senior FE engineers.... i wouldn't mind leaving this hellhole

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Ryzen or i5 for gaming and Linux support?

Upgrade complete. Everything runs at high/ultra now. Case and CPU are next

Well my 770 died. 4 years of loyal service and pixel pushing. 1070ti is installed and ready to continue your legacy friend.

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Steam Play update: 3.16-4 beta.

So, Steam Play / Proton technology is a solution to play Winblows only games on Linux in Steam. Valve is pushing the development hard and fast.

* Proton now ships with corefonts support. This should fix many games with missing text, or that crash due to missing font support.

* Mouse focus and clipping improvements.

* Upgrade OpenVR SDK support.

+much more

#Linux #Steam #gaming #Proton #SteamPlay

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hey fediverse especially #linux bubs and #linuxgaming types, currently with Lutris 0.4.21, FFXIV is seeing my Dualshock 4 fine, but the mapping is completely off.

Is this a known problem ?? Any solutions?? Please boooost

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ICE is the American version of the Gestapo.

Stay woke.

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Ok so Seven Deadly Sins revival of the commandments is so hype

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Current PC setup. Recently upgraded my audio and got the HORI RAP4

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