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Oh snap! I have lost a follower! Guess I need to toot more things 😂

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So, who else is having to deal with this bullshit? So fucking annoyed right now.

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: do you use or and why? Curious about this one. You ready? Ok, go!

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I love how this instance is growing. It has been an absolute breath of fresh air since leaving Twitter.

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@noirscape @AbbieNormal

Please do note that to be exempted all 3 of the above need to be matched. So if you are a non profit with more than the stated 5 million unique visitors *or* if you are a non profit older than 3 years you are not exempt and still fall under this whole mess.

It’s been a busy week but I’m glad I’ve managed to get things done anyway. Scope creep is a silent killer, but if I’m seeing IE7 related css hacks I’m not able to let that shit slide and have it low key sleep in my commit.

I short: was busy, found IE7 related code, cleaned up around 2000 lines of code and we now have awesome css again.

*picture of ice cube meme here* (use imagination.

⬆️ No picture to make this timeline compliant (future proofing)

Hey Mastodon, what’s the main thing you don’t like about ? Ready? Go!

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Tomorrow I’ll be working on restoring an old and broken . It’s an keyboard with a cool butterfly mechanism for tilting. If I get it working I’ll throw up some pics.

Also: if I manage to get it working I’ll probably customize it at a later stage by dye coloring the keys and spray painting the keyboard.

Super fun stuff!

So... I spent around 3 hours today automating various things on my phone by using the new iOS Shortcuts app. Time well spent!

@boony This is one of my repos. As you can see I really like badges...

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@boony also some friendly (and totally unsolicited) advice. Since you’re accepting sign ups start thinking about if (and how) you are compliant 🤔

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