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Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!

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“What did I say?”

- “Don’t mislead the Queen.”

“And what did you do?”

-“I misled the Queen.”

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@staticsafe @InspectorCaracal See Gargron's recent post on this - credentials of the compromised accounts were in the HIBP database:

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@cwebber You need to have Mastodon Premium to view this toot

Any here have any recommendations on server hardware for ?

Boosting would be greatly appreciated if you don't have any recommendations...

@mdszy Get a refresher orb and now you'll be ballin outta control!

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Once more calling out for help:

A bigger instance wants to move out of Crimefl… ahem, Cloudflare, and is looking for an affordable CDN it can move to. We're talking about half a terabyte of data – and it needs, well, a CDN and HTTPS support at an affordable price (so Amazon is out, if it ever was in); and it should be privacy-friendly and ideally FOSS friendly (the latter two are my additions, but feel right).

Any recommendations? Asking for a friend :wink:

Pls boost if you don't know yourself.

@andrioid last week I spent the majority of my team managing TeamCity and fixing flapping tests to improve build times so I can relate... This is what it will look like :) 

@andrioid ah yes. Flapping tests. The joy of every developer.

@teecee thanks man. But I also hope to actually contribute to the codebase one day.

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@bvdbasch You're already contributing by filling it with great content. The fediverse wouldn't be a great place without the people!

As stated I have begun migrating my over to and I must say I am really impressed with the work by @dansup

The fediverse is an amazing place, hope I can contribute one day...

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Curate your own Fediverse 

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