Hey ! I an old DS Lite this weekend. The hinge was broken. What do you think about the result? I am quite pleased with it! 👌🏻

So hi again , this about my kind of blew up more than I was expecting...

Anyway, didn’t know so many of you appreciate these things. I’m an avid retro gaming collector, so ask me anything I guess? .

@bvdbasch Looks very sharp. You know, you can get those rubber stickers that go into the screw holes too, I think even in a matching color.

I have a transparent case myself, but clear, not dark -- yours looks much better!

@deshipu Thanks. I really dig the greenish tint the internals give the case.

The visible screws are intentional. I’ve left them visible to complete the industrial look. It just didn’t feel right slapping on the adhesives over the screws. I have them lying around though...

@bvdbasch i have 2 lites, pink and white, and the casing on both of them are bust, dying to do a little cute mix+match like this too

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