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yay! Got my GNOME foundation membership today!

We are looking for a talente artist who can design a logo for the engagement team on our gitlab instace - details at - Thank you!

More bloat: costs 55 requests, 8.4 MB, and 1.04 seconds costs 7 requests, 267 KiB, and 111ms

Man, I should optimize my blog some more. 7 requests!

Why are people so eager to join Vero, another closed social media platform that will eventually charge users, and not Mastodon? 🤔

I'm very glad that @Chocobozzz is working on PeerTube, a federated video hosting platform. I think there is a lot of, if I may put it, thirst, for a photo sharing platform too. With those superficial differences between how Mastodon works and how Instagram works.

And I mean, you could just fork Mastodon and modify the UI. Or you could build on top of ActivityPub from scratch, like PeerTube does. The possibilities are fascinating. All within one network.

Another way to view AMP: the news-article web was so slow that it was about to lose its lunch to Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, so Google made its own quasi-web version, which is allowing the web to crawl back from the brink of irrelevancy while also losing a big part of what made the web the web.

Evoking a famous quote from Vietnam, you might say: "It became necessary to destroy the web to save it."

tired: infinite scrolling
wired: uncountably infinite scrolling

Lessons the tech industry needs to learn:
1) you are not steve jobs
2) steve jobs wasn't steve jobs either
3) you don't really want to be steve jobs anyway
4) he sucks

"It's a Unix system, I know this!"

$ tar

"…I don't know this."

my roommate: "if you have a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room, you can transmit water wirelessly"

today i discovered the safari technology preview and it's infinitely better than safari because it's purple

tired: proof of work
wired: proof of idleness

I like to use Builder for writing and stuff, and it it is extra cool because it is made by an actual human that I've actually met. Smashing job, @hergertme

Technology might destroy jobs, but it's capitalism that made livelihoods dependent on those jobs in the first place.

@jk so this is weird, right? i've had this installation of linux for like 3 years and never encountered an issue where i had to edit any system files or fix anything, the system just works.

Please, pretty please, don't get seduced by the dark side: stop make #Electron application!

This host for, Digital Ocean, has updated their plans. For the same money, I can get double the vCPUs and RAM. So... going go down for a reboot in about five minutes 🤗

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