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Sergey Bugaev

Too many tabs open.

All 16 GB of it.

all features for Tusky 2.0 are done \o/
now on to the bugfixes...

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I've heard people in talks be excited about a future without filesystems. It never excited me, but now I don't think I like the idea.

I can see it feeling pointless, but having to write the code that persists a program's data forces us to think about the issue. And it pushes us to make our data accessible long after our software goes extinct.

Because data reliably outlives software.

tired: gender binary
wired: building gender from source

RT “If I had asked developers what they wanted, they would have said faster Objective-C.”


Can we please stop saying "free-to-use" and instead say, for example, "paid-with-data"? #ShitHNSays

@alatiera @federicomena @YaLTeR just please, please make sure it's recorded this year, I missed having a chance to watch your last year's talk so much 😐

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The point wasn't that Chrome sucks, or that having many tabs open sucks.

The point is that the web browser sucks. The web, HTML, the DOM, and an immense hodge-podge of largely unused code cobbled up together code sucks when you need to work on non-trivial tasks.

It's fine for reading toots and email. *Maybe*
But for reading non-trivial text, and doing anything that isn't consumerist internet applications... all other knowledge work suffers.

Or just... "Do whatever you need to do in the background and tell me when you're ready to restart"

No 30 minutes of doing stuff after reboots please.
RT Hey Apple, I fixed it.


of course "memory safety" doesn't solve everything but if we can remove most of the stupidly predictable flaws let's fucking do it

and if someone wanted to bolt a magical static analysis tool that removes half the bugs to a c compiler let's fucking do it too

it's just that rust is made for that to work nicely from the start

@federicomena and if I'm not being clear, the post you're replying to was not serious at all 😀

@federicomena it's true for any kind of libraries, isn't it? The only thing different about Rust (and by different I mean different from C, most other languages, including objc and JS, have figured this out already) is how painless it is to use (and create) libraries (crates).