I've added a statement to linuxwit.ch/blog/2018/12/e98e/ regarding github staff disabling the repository.

Your daily reminder that surveillance capitalism touches everything.

The generated book has Google tracking because the Rust mdbook tool comes with Google surveillance by default.

Weigh in on this issues if you care about changing that:



#FunkWhale is an open source federated music streaming and storage service.

There's a demo instance using Creative Commons tracks here:


The official "Join Funkwhale" site is here:


You can follow them at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Music #Audio #GrooveShark

rsvg-load.[ch] are no more. All the loading code has been moved to #rustlang.

RT @plasmasolutions@twitter.com
For all #macOS #OpenCL #b3d users: We're discontinuing Blender's support for Cycles OpenCL rendering for Mac OS due to the countless compiler bugs that can't be fixed properly.
#Apple discontinued OpenCL anyway, so that is the next logical step from our side. Mail from Sergey:

If I had a penny for every time someone says that since "MacOS" and "Linux (specifically Ubuntu)" are both Unix-like it must be easy to port apps between them...

a mockup by Sergey Bugaev i stole from his Mastodon featuring a naughty pathbar!!

btw Sergey i dont hate ! dont say that! i only blackmail them to give me money. it is the job of the future! but i stopped now! i realized they dont have any 🙃

@freemo yeah, thanks for letting me know, but it seems this would be best fixed at the whatever-adds-MathJax-to-Mastodon side

@freemo but that toot doesn't have any backslashes nor parens or brackets... (if you haven't figured already, you can view it at mastodon.technology/@bugaevc/1)

@freemo huh, I see. Well, backticks are normally used for code, perhaps your instance treats everyone's code as LaTeX?

git filter-branch pro-tips

• Do `git rm`, plain `rm` won't cut it
• You can use other git commands inside the tree filter, like checking out a file from a different branch
• Duck duck go for that incantation that removes empty merges
• `--ancestry-path` is your friend
• `-d /tmp/foo` can really speed things up
• It's easy to find the copy of a commit in another history using its exact date: `git log | grep -C 3 'Mon Dec 3 20:53:19 2018'`

> Our good buddy BabyDora (aka Anime Alex, aka WOGUE, aka Ubuntu’s biggest fan)


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@AskChip why is everyone making it about systemd when it's a bug in polkit?

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