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Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google Site is tied to logging into Chrome.

(I created a blog for occasions where 500 characters just aren't enough)

@brion why not use some existing pool/arena implementation on crates.io?

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HURD is broken GNU shit, Fuscia is broken Google shit, TempleOS is irrelevant, blockchain is a disease

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Jokes are such a weird thing to exist... it's like the brain going "Ohoho, you fooled my branch predictor? I'll give you some nice neurotransmitters for that"

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This is a regular Toot to remind people that #ObjC is a great language that people should use more instead of complaining about C++.

@cstanhope yes, but the same logic applies to third-party widget toolkits, doesn't it?

@alexcleac oh my, this person is so, so wrong about... everything, from wanting menus back to advocating AppImage 🤦

Don't get me wrong, I'm a proponent of freedom and openness and I consider Apple's AppStore policies to be a totalitarian nightmare for their software ecosystem, but:

I wonder what Apple's rationale is for prohibiting custom browser engines (“Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript.”) but letting custom GUI frameworks through.

One of them actively harms user experience, the other could lead to faster browsing. 🤔

What they say: we've implemented our app using <a cross-platform framework in a JITed language>, it turned out to be very robust and flexible to the point where it incorporated our designer's wildest ideas

What they don't say: our finished product looks and behaves nothing like proper apps for any of the platforms we're targeting, takes up hundreds of megabytes of RAM and can barely maintain 20fps while scrolling even on flagship devices

@federicomena do you think it could issue a warning based on variable/parameter names or something? Or would that be too false-positive-prone?

@gudenau what do you mean changes? Between Python versions? (Well, yes, new stuff gets added all the time, but there's even more of that happening in Java, isn't it? Like, streams and lambdas and type inference and stuff). But the basic syntax — defining functions, using variables, arithmetics, loops, working with lists — of course stays the same.

Or do you mean different compared to Java?

@gudenau function() { doThings(); } may be one textual line, but that's exactly what I consider "cheating" when writing one-liners. And no,

def foo(): do_things

is absolutely legal in Python

@gudenau on the contrary, in Python you *can* write any program in one line (without cheating, i.e. using ;s or exec/eval); to the best of my knowledge you can't do that in either C or Java

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