Google Assistant is finally able to talk to me in both languages _and_ it can maintain a conversation across them

how cool is that

We just want to track you and sell your data! We won't even charge you for it!

Since everyone seemed to love my terminal mockups, I've made another one!

This is a further design exploration, showcasing:
• background jobs label/popover
• `ls` displaying an actual list of files! Of course, they are interactive, you can drag'n'drop them from here, click them to open, and right-click for more options.
• autosuggestions being contextual: here, they suggest you to re-run `apt` as root or read the docs
• a collapsed card
• `git` using real graphics

All the widgets are interactive! You can click on the pathbar to `cd`, and the popovers on the bottom bar let you basically do `ssh`, `su` and `git checkout`; the git one additionally allows you to open the current repo in Gitg or in Builder.

I've made a mock-up to illustrate my ideas about the next-gen terminal experience!

• the pathbar
• username, hostname and git branch displayed in the UI, shrinking the shell prompt back to just a $
• commands as cards
• syntax highlighting, including graying out the output a bit to differentiate it from commands themselves
• autocompletion (displayed in a native widget)
• built-in error handling options
• the time each command took (on the right)

@BabyWOGUE beat me to posting it 😀

I, um, designed a thing!

Without further ado, here's the new icon to go in line with the 3.32 redesign of app icons:

And here's what the Document Viewer (Evince) in GNOME 3.30 looks like when it's displaying an actually beautiful document ("The Little Prince" PDF from eLibrejo).

😍 😍 😍

This page: is merely super slow in Firefox, GNOME Web & Odysseus, but it completely hangs the whole tab in Chrome, both desktop and mobile.

@ashfurrow would it be possible to make this pic display as a custom emoji (:rust-thinking:)? pretty please 😀

Here's @alcinnz's Odysseus (Flatpak build with libunity manually patched out) next to GNOME Web. Despite some theming issues (oversized and missing icons, that misplaced menu, flashing autocompletions, misaligned text... — I've seen the same with Tootle, another Elementary app) it looks quite native and actually works (in my brief testing) well. With a little polish it could be a viable alternative to Web.

...not that I can switch away from Chrome 😞

Hey @aral, I'd like to do submit merge request for Gnomit (to make it use the header bar like native GNOME apps do), but I can't seem to find a way to sign up on that GitLab instance. So I'm attaching the patch here instead:

Here's a prototype of what a -looking version might look like

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