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Sergey Bugaev

Here's @alcinnz's Odysseus (Flatpak build with libunity manually patched out) next to GNOME Web. Despite some theming issues (oversized and missing icons, that misplaced menu, flashing autocompletions, misaligned text... โ€” I've seen the same with Tootle, another Elementary app) it looks quite native and actually works (in my brief testing) well. With a little polish it could be a viable alternative to Web.

...not that I can switch away from Chrome ๐Ÿ˜ž

Hey @aral, I'd like to do submit merge request for Gnomit (to make it use the header bar like native GNOME apps do), but I can't seem to find a way to sign up on that GitLab instance. So I'm attaching the patch here instead:

Here's a prototype of what a -looking version might look like

Is it me or this totally looks like logo

So here's something pretty cool I wrote โ‰ˆ 2 years ago.

A toy toolkit in C, using + Cairo, inspired by 3. No GObject or overly fancy OOP, no pervasive boxing either.

It can do windowing (with CSD, resizing and proper cursors), boxes (widgets that multiplex several child widgets), buttons (render a border, emit a callback when clicked) and labels (render text). Widgets can define their sizing constraints (min width, min height) & it's propagated through the tree.

Not much else.

Me & @YaLTeR at our bachelor's graduation ceremony

Quantum (partly written in !) with a sleek headerbar running natively on , all using +. A dream come true.