📢 Owl is now on GitHub! 🎉

After an unsigned long long wait, I'm finally releasing the source code of Owl, my portable compositor in Objective-C that runs on Mac OS X, the Hurd (and probably just about anywhere else thanks to the magic of ). Along with it, I'm also publishing the port of Wayland that runs on OS X.

Please note that Owl is still very much a work in progress. It's amazing that many things work, but naturally others don't. There's a lot to improve!

Now, I was hoping to get lots of things done & improved before doing the release, which is why I kept delaying it. I've managed to do a bunch of work — not as much as I have hoped to, but enough to bring Owl to a releasable state. And due to the circumstances, I cannot delay the release any longer.

So I really want to emphasize that there is a lot more to do here. What I'm releasing now is not the final state of the project, it's only the beginning.

One part of my plan for 🦉 is that I'd like to make it not only the most portable Wayland compositor, but also the most documented one. You should be able to find all the relevant documentation about the inner workings of Owl and Wayland, both right in the Owl source code and in a wiki.

If you browse through the Owl source (which I encourage you to do!), you'll see I have made some steps towards this goal; but of course I'm far for having completed it. We'll get there someday!

@bugaevc I ❤️ that this is old school and so readable. Thanks for making it.

@bugaevc reminding me of Greenfield, the html5 wayland compositor some.

go you. mad mad science!

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