📢 Descriptions of the GNU vulnerabilities I've found earlier this year are now public! 🎉

Read them here: This should be an interesting read even if you're not very familiar with the Hurd and 🙂

(phew, it took me quite some time to write, too!)

These vulnerabilities have been assigned CVE-2021-43412, CVE-2021-43413, CVE-2021-43411, CVE-2021-43414

(Thanks to Amos Jeffries for requesting the CVEs!)

@bugaevc GNU vulnerabilities?

Is it the year of Hurd on the desktop?!

(now where did I put my Debian GNU/#Hurd VM)

@rysiek if you haven't updated your VM in a while, you could even try out the exploits for yourself :)

@bugaevc seriously though, good to see progress on Hurd. Thank you for your work!

@peter it is, though the pace is slow. Some recent commits to the Hurd proper can be seen here: and there's also GNU Mach, glibc, and various other repos

@bugaevc congratulations! It's sweet to get new CVEs to one's name 🙇

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