App ideas: there should be a native app for browsing old-school mailing list archives.

Because hunting for those tiny "next message in thread" links on a webpage is not very convenient. The app could use the native navigation patterns of the platform, such as: swipes to go forward/back in a thread, a sidebar / pop-out navigation drawer for thread overview, plus a native search UI.

Bonus points for a button / menu action to reply to the given message (opens the system's email client) without having to manually hunt for the In-Reply-To header to use.

@bugaevc most archives will let you download monthly tarballs, that can then be imported in a regular email client. Navigation, search… you then get all those features. Close enough?

@afranke please don't take this in a negative way 🙂, but your suggestion reminds me of the infamous Hacker News comments on Dropbox announcement:

Yes, I can assemble something like this already from various components, but what I want is a native app designed and optimized specifically for this use-case: reading random mailing list archives.

@afranke My intended use case is this: I am given a link to some random mailing list archive. Perhaps the link was sent to me by a friend, or I found it using a web search engine.

@afranke I want to read the linked message (and perhaps some more messages from that thread) like right now, and then forget about it (or not).

I *don't* want to figure out how to get an mbox or a tarball and how to import it into an email client, especially if this is an old conversation on a now-dead maling list I don't plan to reply to.

@bugaevc We used to have mailing list archives in Newsgroups, and then any NNTP client provided native access. still maintains NNTP access to its mailing list archives, though I haven't used those recently.

@galaxis this is the first time I'm hearing about NNTP 😄 interesting, thanks!

@bugaevc Ah sorry, I'm old 😉

I think I've even seen a moderately usable NNTP client for Android at some point, but most of the client software is probably as outdated as the protocol by now...

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