I admit it.

Your new 12.9’’ iPad Pro is absolutely stellar.

Give me native Xcode on the iPad Pro.

actually: even when using a student discount, the cheapest 12.9’’ iPad with 16GB of RAM (1TB of SSD) is gonna be 1800€ here


guess I’m stuck with Surface? Any tablet/2in1 suggestions?


@xerz I don't care about the price, but — any suggestions for a good 2-in-1 that I can run GNU/Linux on? So far it sounds like Surface is the best option.

@bugaevc Yeah, I’m starting to worry Surface is the way to go, even despite how poorly it has treated me. Maybe a new Pro 8 with an Intel Evo will make things more bearable, and at least I get to keep my keyboard and pen investment.

Also, I guess I can still consider the 11 inch iPad Pro, but even with the student discount it feels insane if I want 16GB of RAM.

@bugaevc Now that I think about it, there’s the XPS 13, which apparently I can get some serious discounts for, but even then it’s still pushing it to the absolute limit of affordability.

And there’s also the HP x360 series, which I actually think I can buy just fine, but I don’t know how good they are for the price.

@jdaviescoates @bugaevc @xerz I'd suggest a Lenovo Yoga 370 or something similar. Finding one used on eBay isn't that bad from what I remember and it runs Ubuntu or PopOS (I recommend this) perfectly. PopOS detected the drivers needed for the Wacom digitizer and the stylus worked out of the box too.

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