Fediverse, how do y'all do backups?

(Documents, unpublished projects, precious configs, ...)


tar all files name file “best_hentai_2021.tar.gz” put somewhere public

backups everywhere now

Syncing documents with several computers and a cloud based solution is considered doing backup ?

@jeko yep, but do you do it manually, or automate it, or what? And which cloud is that?

I use
- to Sync my photos and documents. It's automated.
- using WebDav for my Org files (I need to mount the remote filesystem) + CalDav agenda and contacts.
- git for all projects and dotfiles


* Documents: Syncthing (I also have a syncthing node on my RasPi running all the time)
* Code: Git (push to some server and/or flash drive)
* Music: Flash drive / SD card
* Passwords: KeepassXC database syncronised via syncthing (among the other documents) + PGP encrypted passwords (using `pass` + git pushed to flashdrive)
* Config files: git push to some (public) server (I don't use a fancy solution here)

2 local, 1 remote. All scripted, using rsync. Plus a personal remote server to version control my active projects (not a dev though, just a writer ;), using Git. Regular but manual sync of said projects on multiple machines, as I need too. And a synced password manager. Edit: All backups fully encrypted.

@bugaevc I use borg. Multiple repositories on multiple locations, plus

Versioning, deduplication, and compression. It works great!

@bugaevc I lost a video of a memory once due to a backup mistake (there was a Videos directory and a videos directory and I rm -rf'd the wrong one).
I still keep backups the same way (copy my home directory every year or so) but have become less attached to computers instead

@bugaevc most of my data is already backed up: mail, git repos...
For work machines I use SyncThing to sync between them since we can't store data out of our infra.
For private machines I use Nextcloud and home NAS for videos and photos which is then backed up to a remote online storage.
I also have a couple of "cold storages" aka spare hard drives in a drawyer.

@bugaevc restic to a local NAS, rclone from there to B2.

For important document I'm working on (e.g. my thesis now) I use Dropbox client or I used to use Nextcloud.
For the rest I backup with pika backup (GUI for Borg) with an hard disk on my own and an hard disk of my girlfriend (that usually is in another house).

Also I printed a lot of picture.

@bugaevc I have nextcllud server at my friends apartment. I pay a bit for his internet connection so it's cool with him.
The server has raid1c4 btrfs setup. So I feel pretty safe. Kinda safe. Idk. Could probably more safe

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