Dear lazyweb,

How do I set up :emacs: to detect .h files that are in fact C++ or Objective-C headers, and use an appropriate mode for them automatically?

And why doesn't it do that out of the box?

@bugaevc Emacs should do that out of the box (tested with emacs -Q and it detected a C++ header file correctly). Does the detection fail every time? Are your .h files distinguishable from C headers?

@bugaevc If it only happens with some headers, .dir-locals.el might be usable workaround: Instead of file-name-nondirectory you’d use file-name-extension.

((nil (eval (lambda () (when (string= (file-name-extension buffer-file-name) "h") (c++-mode))))))

@tastytea thanks!

Indeed, it seems to work out of the box (with -Q) for C++ headers. This means something in Spacemacs, which I'm using, breaks it. But even then, it doesn't seem to work with Objective-C headers?

I don't want to either do project-specific configuration or set up .h to always mean c++-mode — I want it to always do the right thing, automatically.

@bugaevc I don’t use Spacemacs, but this seems to be the culprit: Maybe the autodetection works again if you set it to nil?

I never used Objective-C, so I haven’t a clue about that, sorry.


@tastytea some research led me to this page which even has an example of how to set up objc autodetection, then the same could be done for C++. Thanks again for your help!

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