systemd is a project creating an integrated software suite much like GNU is a project creating an integrated software suite. The pid1 is just one of the things they wrote.

So what you're referring to as GNU/Linux is in fact, GNU/systemd/Linux.

@MatejLach this was basically a response to you deserving to be its own public toot :)

@bugaevc or you can also call it GNOME or KDE and be done with it xD

@alatiera @bugaevc Uh? GNOME and KDE are cool and all but I'm using neither while using the rest of the mentioned components

@bugaevc unless they create systemdmacs with process concurrency, replacing all other editors in Linux system they're not worth my time. (;

@bugaevc I'm just going be glad relying on /etc/passwd is no longer going to be a thing.

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