@espectalll @angristan rollapp.com/launch/lowriter?te

That's LibreOffice in your browser, via broadway. Not sure how actually useable it is, but it's essentially a free as in freedom Google Docs replacement.

@bugaevc @espectalll @angristan ok, so maybe instead of doing X forwarding from my VM to my Windows host, I could use the browser :blobthinkingcool:


@amdg2 @espectalll @angristan btw, broadway is also getting way cooler (pun intended) with gtk4: blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2019/03/

Instead of basically streaming <img>es it will now create real HTML <div>s & stuff and style them with CSS. This is just mind-blowing.

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@bugaevc I see no error, πŸ™ˆ
I see no window πŸ™ˆ

@bugaevc that's what I am doing. Maybe I have too old versions.

GTK+: 3.22.30 (hopefully the + is now gone)

@amdg2 I have GTK 3.24.8, but it shouldn't matter (especially if the demo works)

@bugaevc I have some updates pending in the VM. Let's see if it solves the issue. After, comes the question, where to report...

@amdg2 gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/iss β€” but I'm pretty sure it's not their bug & you're doing something wrong somewhere

@bugaevc Ubuntu 18.04 is maybe the wrong part ?

Here is my procedure:

Open SSH session

Launch broadwayd:
$ broadwayd &
[1] 21064
[1] + 21064 running broadwayd
Listening on /run/user/1000/broadway1.socket

Open the browser on my VM ip.

Launch dino
$ export GDK_DEBUG=all
$ export GDK_BACKEND=broadway
$ dino
Gdk-Message: 12:45:57.916: Trying broadway backend

I have X forwarding still activated, maybe this is the issue.

@amdg2 on your VM IP on which TCP port? broadway listens on port 8080 by default (developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stabl)

Does the browser actually open the broadway page (you should see the white background and the <title> should be "broadway 2.0")?

Does it work if you run the browser inside the VM? Does it work with other apps?

@bugaevc it works with other app, I can see gedit, nautilus, gtk demos.

Just tried with X11 forwarding disabled, doesn't change.

I will try from the VM.

@amdg2 🀷 I see. Well, please @ me when you file the bug πŸ˜ƒ

@bugaevc well last question, do you have any idea how I can get more logs ?

@bugaevc @amdg2 @angristan I wanted this to happen but thought nobody would care enough to do it. Glad to see I was wrong :blobcatsip:

@bugaevc @amdg2 @angristan (btw they should REALLY consider using at least SVG for icon/text rendering)

@bugaevc @amdg2 @angristan Also, now that WebAssembly is a thing, consider the following

running GTK+ apps directly on the browser

@espectalll @amdg2 @angristan I was thinking about this, yes; but if you're running it client-side, you might as well run on on the real system directly. Flatpak & stuff give you all the isolation & ease of installation and none of the performance overhead

@bugaevc @amdg2 @angristan well, it's kind of a joke exactly because of that performance overhead – however, it would actually put GTK into an universally supported VM, which certainly makes for interesting thought experiments

@espectalll @amdg2 @angristan I actually have a story for you, lol. These guys: cappuccino.dev/ decided to do a similar thing, but instead of compiling GTK to wasm they rewrote Cocoa in Objective-J (that compiles to JavaScript), pretty much one-to-one.

Then they came up with running *that* as desktop apps, Electron style cappuccino.dev/blog/2010/05/na

@bugaevc @amdg2 @angristan Oh, I heard about this a while ago! That's so weird honestly, like why did they think this was practical, is there any big website using this!? :thinking_happy:

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