While @sir over there works on a rio-like compositor (go check it out!),

I've spent some time trying to port plan9port (aka Plan 9 from User Space) to the yesterday. It's not quite working yet, but many subprojects already build, and at least mk works.

The really exciting part of course would be to switch the custom filesystems back from 9P over a Unix socket to real Hurd translators.


20 years passed since the last time I booted HURD, but let me say this is a great job.

@bugaevc Any plans to rebase and return to that? It was somehow cool. All the outcasts of posix country in one dream team.

@filip sure, I should do that. But the upstream doesn't seem to be interested in merging it...

@bugaevc As far as I can see it's still open and there is some conversation there around the proposed patch.

@bugaevc 🎶 Let's all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born🎶 (Paul wearing black carnation)

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