Thinking about re-writing my clunky Rust command line tool[1] using[2], in the hopes of (a) learning something, (b) making it more useful to users, and (c) making it easier for others to contribute.

Do any of y'all have tutorials/examples you like? (Beyond the examples included in the repo itself, which I will try to learn from)


@schlink I have a recommendation, which is not something you've asked for, but nevertheless :D

Use — it's a higher-level wrapper over clap that gets you much more "ADT-like" (and so, Rust-like) than "query-like" arg parsing. You're going to love it and wish other languages had this 😃

@bugaevc @schlink

Hmm, I hadn't heard #clap versus #structopt compared like that—I'd thought of structopt as the easier-to-use-but-less-flexible alternate and had never tried it.

Hard to imagine a better library than clap—I *really* like it!—but maybe I should try structopt some time


@codesections @schlink see, I don't think of it as a "versus"/"alternative", I think of it as of another, more ADT-focused interface to clap. You're still using clap, just with a wholly different API.

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