Apparently, setting `pointer-events: none` on an element prevents uBlock Origin's "Block this element" picker from being able to, well, pick it, and some websites have started to (ab)use this to make it harder for us to block their ads.

The workaround is of course to go into developer tools and manually allow pointer events on the ad, then block it via uBlock Origin.

@bugaevc Are there plans from uBlock to address this, or is it a limitation of the browser/extension API?

@robotsneedhugs I believe it can be worked around from the uBlock Origin side, yes. They already try to do something like that: (but that's for the picker itself)

@bugaevc I've been thinking for a while that highly granular whitelisting, down to HTML entities, CSS properties, media, and more, are required on a site-by-site if not page-by-page basis.

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