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I follow some locked accounts that are on other instances.

My instance's UI, as always, tells me that "Information below may reflect the user's profile incompletely." and suggests me to "View full profile" on the remote instance's own web UI. But since the account is locked and I'm not logged into the remote instance, the remote instance won't let me see its info.

So, is there any way to view the complete info, such as whom they follow?

you can retrieve user's profile as json-ld object, which may have attribute "following", which is a collection of whom this user follow


@autogestion ouch, how come I haven't thought of that myself! Thanks you!

@autogestion for this to work though, I need to sign the request with my private key, which :mastodon: has created on my behalf (correct?).

Is there any way to get it? I don't see it mentioned in Mastodon API.

you have to sign POST requests. To retrieve, you need to set "Accept:application/activity+json" header

@autogestion I know that, but the account I want to retrieve followers for is locked, so only followers (including me!) can see its other followers. To prove you're (acting on behalf of) a follower you sign the (GET or POST) request with the private key (this is about server2server, yes). knows "my" private key and uses it on behalf of my account; the question is how do I (the person) get this key from m.t so I can use it with server2server calls myself

@autogestion or — maybe I'm wrong and there's indeed no point in signing the GET request, but that would mean that there's *no* way at all to get all followers of a locked account?

I know that mastodon uses http signatures to ensure that sender is the one, he pretends to be. And I don't know about using signatures to grant permissions. So, looks like yes, if following list in not public by default, you can't get it through server2server flow

as far as I know, Mastodon API is about client2server interaction, and you are going to use activitypub server2server flow, which is described here

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