I wrote a blog post about the differences between JavaScript and iOS developers, from a hippy-dippy "we're all the same, but also different, let's learn from each other" angle. I hope you like it.



@ashfurrow "Apple's tools for common development workflows are exceptionally well-polished"
(laughs in xcodebuild)

@ashfurrow " Take the new Xcode extensions API: it's very limited."
Oh at least there's an official Xcode extension API now. For years, you had to reverse-engineer Xcode and swizzle some methods.

@ashfurrow "Remember Xcode's awesome project templates? No such thing exists on JavaScript. At all. There is literally no defined starting place 😱"

But, but, but, create-react-app?

@bugaevc yeah, but you can’t anymore without unsigning the Xcode app :/

@bugaevc haha, why are you using xcodebuild instead of Xcode? 🤔

@ashfurrow CI, for one thing, but I'm not even talking about the xcodebuild CLI, I'm talking about the whole Xcode build system, the obscure unmanageable thing with a weird undocumented config format (.xcproj)

Compare this to buildsystems used on other platforms like Meson, Gradle and NPM/Webpack.

@bugaevc it's totally bonkers. JS projects don't even _have_ a project file, they just have the source files and config files for specific tools. Xcode project files are backwards compatible to Xcode 3.2 for crying out loud.

I would say package.json/webpack/gulp or whatever files are the project files like gradle is for java

@wakingrufus @bugaevc Yes, but every file in an Xcode project has _at least_ two lines in the project file. It doesn't match the directory structure at all, introducing a whole unnecessary layer of abstraction :(

@ashfurrow @bugaevc
Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if people who love to hate on gradle, etc have ever used these cruder tools.

@wakingrufus @ashfurrow I have a love/hate relationship with Gradle. It's great when it works, but it can be a pain to set up (there can never be enough docs), and it's dog slow for :android: projects.

But then I remind myself that iOS folks have *this* to deal with...

@bugaevc I agree completely, I was being facetious. Apple's response would probably be "just use Xcode." And as for CI, well... Apple cares less about CI than it does about unit testing :\

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