a short story on my adventures with socials platforms!


plus a huge cook secret directly from Aztec cuisine!! if you're interested in cooking anyway!

@BabyWOGUE it has nothing to do with blockchain. It's just decentralized like blockchain and email.

@BabyWOGUE btw if you don't like the 512c limit you can find an instance (that's what we call them, not "nodes") with a higher limit or without any limit. Or run your own with whatever limits and other stuff you want.

@bugaevc oh! i thought it was a global thing! thanks!

btw i dont see a reason to run my own instance! so i wont do that!

@BabyWOGUE @bugaevc
Check out: homehack.nl/guide-for-gplus-re
There are ActivityPub social networks that don't have the limit, you can do normal blogging there, they have different features and UI than Mastodon. And they're still compatible and connected to Mastodon. The closest to G+ is probably Friendica.

@sesivany @bugaevc OMG! GNU Social! whats the terms to use this? Living on a cave w/o electricity and internet access?! :)

I think i will stick to Mastodon for now!

btw do you have experience w OpenShift? RH has sponsored me a plan to upload my blog and i havent used it yet (a bit complex to set it up) and i think it is time to start using it


@BabyWOGUE @sesivany
The thing is β€” GNU Social, Friendica, Mastodon, Pleroma, ... β€” they're all a part of the Fediverse, so you can use whatever you like and still talk to and follow anyone else anywhere else on the Fediverse.

And may I recommend write.as (or its self-hosted variant, writefreely.org) for blogging? It's
β€’ written in Go instead of Rust πŸ‘Ž, but
β€’ federates with Mastodon and the others πŸ‘πŸ‘

@bugaevc @sesivany

i already have setup a working blog w GhostCMS and Discourse for comments system ..i just need to deploy it on OpenShift that is a too much complex

@BabyWOGUE @bugaevc @sesivany

Ah cool, Writefreely would really be good with Mastodon integration! Whats the reason for stupid Discourse then? You cannot mention anyone there and everyone has to register additionalyl – so it’s pretty useless, except for tight communities maybe.

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