(1/2) I might have given you the impression that I hate the web. This is very false: I love the idea of the world wide web of interlinked documents. It's like a huge dictionary or a library or an archive of scientific papers. Actually, it's all three at the same time.

This web thing free, distributed and based on open protocols and formats, namely HTTP and HTML. There's a very simple native app called a "web browser"that let's you browse this web and follow references by just clicking on them.


(2/2) I hate what this beautiful original concept turned into. Behemothic "web apps" that download tens of megabytes of JavaScript to run on the users' machines. Disgusting ads and tracking everywhere. Neverending chase for new "features" and frameworks that cause new incompatibilities and result in everyone using even more polyfills. Web browsers getting heavier and larger than the rest of OS, combined. Google Chrome monoculture. DRM. 1 fps scrolling. Electron.

How did we get here? 😥

@bugaevc I can't agree more.

I may give a similar impression, but I wouldn't be developing a web browser if I hated the Web.

@bugaevc Spreading documents and links is great and all but then most people found that you can build most of the functionality people need in the browser meaning you don't have to download, install, and set upp a native app. So now the web isn't just knowledge, it is your computer.

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