Hey @aral, I'd like to do submit merge request for Gnomit (to make it use the header bar like native GNOME apps do), but I can't seem to find a way to sign up on that GitLab instance. So I'm attaching the patch here instead:

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@aral just in case, you can apply a patch like this using:

$ git am < use-headerbar.patch

(add --signoff if you prefer)

Alternatively, you can apply the change itself with "git apply", but then you'd have to commit it yourself.

@bugaevc @aral I'll +1 this patch.

Both the GNOME3 and Pantheon desktops loves their header bars, and most other desktops don't care.

@bugaevc Hey Sergey, sorry, I missed this as I was working to get @better ready for the Mojave deadline. Will take a proper look tomorrow. Appreciate it :)

@bugaevc Hey Sergey, back up and running on my XPS 13 after the battery replacement and just added a branch with your patch (thank you). I’m cool with this change. I just need to reimplement the “Esc to exit” functionality that we got for free with the dialog ( Otherwise, looks great to me.

PS. For future reference, there is a mirror of the repo on Github at (happy to receive any future pull requests there) :)

@bugaevc PPS. Reimplemented “Escape to exit”. Was much easier once I remembered I was coding in JS and not Vala (note to self: don’t try to “squeeze it in” right before bed when tired) :) Should have a release out today :)

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