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@bugaevc I don't get the problem.

A theme essentially is a means for declaring magic numbers. And since rendering UIs involves so many of them, it makes sense to add sophisticated logic to look them up.

And I never have problems with forks in the face of differing opinions, in this case about how things should look.

That said the theming engine should probably limit itself to magic numbers. If a number isn't magic and can break things, it'd be better for everyone to rectify that.

@alcinnz the problem, as I understand it, is that apps require and ship custom theme tweaks, and the tweaks they normally ship are targeted to be used with Adwaita, not any custom theme.

@alcinnz and it's unfixable: "In order for third party themes to work properly and not cause cascading visual bugs, they have to either become monolithic and start incorporating all the custom stylesheets for all the applications that have them, or work with application developers to include stylesheets in their applications that support their themes. Neither of these solutions are good for platform or application development since it will become a task of never-ending maintenance."

@bugaevc I see.

It seems a non-controversial fix might be to have apps declare which theme they CSS provide depends on.

So that if the style change they provide might break, things are at least not broken.