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I've mentioned this a few times but never publicly announced it, so consider this the announcement.

Yes, I have ported (along with a few Weston clients and wl-clipboard) to the (that's what I wrote the epoll server for!)

I've also ported Owl, my Cocoa Wayland compositor, from OS X to the Hurd using GNUstep.

Here's a screenshot of weston-terminal and weston-flower, running on Owl on GNUstep on Hurd, with X forwarded from a QEMU VM via SSH.

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I did it!!!!

TL;DR: I have ported to and written my own Wayland compositor using Cocoa 😎


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I've made a mock-up to illustrate my ideas about the next-gen terminal experience!

• the pathbar
• username, hostname and git branch displayed in the UI, shrinking the shell prompt back to just a $
• commands as cards
• syntax highlighting, including graying out the output a bit to differentiate it from commands themselves
• autocompletion (displayed in a native widget)
• built-in error handling options
• the time each command took (on the right)

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I never did the thing, so here goes!

I'm a software developer who loves to hack on stuff. Some of my interests: , , , , , , pure , , , , & there's more.

I live in Moscow, 🇷🇺 & currently study at CMC MSU.

I work at SmartDec where I write a cool static analyzer for Java & Kotlin. I'm also a tech editor at

I'm on the Darling team; we hack on macOS internals to make apps & programs targeting Darwin run on Linux/Android.

Can you all please stop making the life of my designer friends hell and stop digging through their FUCKING CLEARLY MARKED WIP mockups and drawing uninvited attention to them?

The last thing they need is a bunch of trolls harassing them and knowitalls that are lacking any context what so ever making up random bullshit narratives that is then rebloged by bullshit blog/"news" outlets.


Technologies are called "simple" when somebody is selling them, and "complex" when someone doesn't want to buy them.

The new Foliate version is a thing of beauty ❤️

It now hides the toolbars by default for a clean, distraction-free reading experience, and scales to smaller (e.g. mobile) window sizes.

Icon Library 0.0.6 is out 🎉

it features:
-the shipped icons are now split into categories
- the icons are split into shipped ones and the "pre-installed on the system" ones
- a new fancy export dialog that includes docs for how to include the icon as a resource and use it


This is your requisite April Fool's post.

It is the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Please follow the hyperlink below and be pranked.

Thank you for your time.

In partnership with our friends at @kde we are thrilled to be embarking on this new endeavor. The configurability of GNOME paired with the simplicity of KDE - all rolled into a single package. Introducing KNOME, built using QTK3 and Kutter.

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

Unprotect the master branch, force-push, protect it back, pretend nothing happened.

Great article on V8 JS engine's "pointer compression", making use of the existing 2-4 GiB heap limit to rewire 64-bit object pointers into 32-bit offsets while retaining the ability to tag 31-bit small integers in the same slots.

Saves HUGE amounts of memory in Chrome and can improve runtime performance despite the additional cost of "decompression".


Yes, I've just ported GNUstep DBusKit to . It runs on top of the totally "unsupported" Apple runtime with no typed selectors, and uses CFRunLoop/CFSocket and libdbus.dylib (aka host's native

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Repeat after me: it's not cool to swallow exceptions.

If you've got an unexpected exception (such as an unrecognized selector or an NPE), make sure to rethrow it. If you cannot rethrow it, at least log it.

It's not cool at all when parts of the logic are silently skipped and I have to spend hours in a half-working debugger to figure out what the hell is going on.

Trying out acme editor or what am I doing with my life 😂

Plasma's inbuilt apps and tools get showcased in Nayam Amarshe's video "This is Plasma". This video was a finalist in the Video Contest.

Search is important, webfinger + remote profiles will be supported in the next release!

#pixelfed #pixeldev

Hold on, Idris 2? How come I've never heard about this?

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