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debugging skills level: types `NSObjCMessageLoggingEnabled=YES` on the first try from memory without typos

This XKCD piece on the GDPR today is brilliant! -

Still reporting spammers on :/

"Hey let's make a parallel hardware machine and then expose its parallelism as insanely complicated compiler transformations of a 1970-era serial machine and THEN on top of THAT fake serial machine, build parallel systems that have to implement THEIR parallelism through insanely complicated compiler transforms down to that fake serial machine."

"Ok, but ALSO, let's take all those parallel hardware machines and gigabytes of operating system stack and implement THOSE as completely fake machines!"

USA Today made a version of their site for EU visitors that's compliant with the GDPR

- ads
- tracking
- personalization
- javascript

It seriously makes me want to check that site from time to time for news. If their point was "see how bad it would be if we didn't do all this stuff?" it's doing the opposite of what it wants because yes, I love this website, that's how I want it and every other one to be like

Diino helpu min... My komencis lerni #Rust hieraux nokte, cxio cxar gxi povas celi AVR mikskipilon.

Mi ankaux mendis iom neopixelojn kaj mikskipilon por kontroli ilin.

#esperanto #aparato #programado

So, writing a RESTful API in #Rust (RUSTful? 🤔 ) has been the thing that made me actually like making APIs. It also seems to perform about 4x faster than if I were to have written it in Java or NodeJS.

Take this with a grain of salt though. *Someone* had to create that GTK Breeze theme, there are plenty of themes for Qt too, and GTK integration in KDE is a lot more than just a theme.

When looks almost native on : "it's because KDE developers spent a great deal of time trying to make those nasty GTK apps look as integrated as possible". When looks almost native on : "it's because Qt is so flexible it can adapt to any environment and so looks native everywhere"

(Hate to break it to you, but there are themes for GTK that make it look like anything you'd like, including Breeze; snap that on & you're good to go, whereas GNOME devs had to spend time creating Adwaita-Qt).

This is a "screenshot" of Powerpoint, except made in Powerpoint instead of as an actual screenshot (via

As such, I suppose it is a kind of representational art. Is it? I certainly reflects careful inspection of something considered mundane, and recreating it... though with no particular voice on the part of the artist, who does not meaningfully change the image. Is that required? Or is this like copying a painting?

Phone becoming more and more open source lately:
- launcher: OpenLauncher
- gallery: Simple Gallery
- youtube: NewPipe
- to-do app: Minimal
- file browser: Amaze
- social media: mastalab
- browser: Firefox
- calendar: simple calendar
- keyboard: AnySoftKeyboard
- 2 factor auth: andOTP
- calculator: NCalc+

No ads, no tracking, feels good!

objc be like: let's silently ignore any messages sent to nil, but crash the entire process when an unrecognized message is sent to any other object, because that makes so much sense.

To be fair, you can technically customize both, but who does that.

JavaScript has me down. Not because of the == operator or any of that stuff—the really problematic thing about JS (& Python, Ruby, etc) is that every abstraction adds real overhead, making implementations of complicated algorithms either slow or unreadable.

what they say: "relevant ads"
what they mean: "we sell your data"

Tired: academic papers as 2-column PDFs.
Wired: a god damn html web page that I can read on a cell phone without panning and zooming every which way

exploiting google's insistence on searching for synonyms