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Sergey Bugaev

I like to use Builder for writing and stuff, and it it is extra cool because it is made by an actual human that I've actually met. Smashing job, @hergertme

Technology might destroy jobs, but it's capitalism that made livelihoods dependent on those jobs in the first place.

@jk so this is weird, right? i've had this installation of linux for like 3 years and never encountered an issue where i had to edit any system files or fix anything, the system just works.

Please, pretty please, don't get seduced by the dark side: stop make #Electron application!

This host for, Digital Ocean, has updated their plans. For the same money, I can get double the vCPUs and RAM. So... going go down for a reboot in about five minutes 🤗

PS - I'm still not touching Vim with a ten-foot pole.

You know what's non-zero?

The number of times I think "how do I do this in Emacs", waste 30 minutes reading a dozen not-quite-the-same-problem-as-mine tutorials that all rely on different Elisp add-ons using slightly different regexp sytactic sugar and varying amounts of custom fuctions, then give up and do exactly what I wanted to by copying plaintext into a spreadsheet and back out again.

Draw your own conclusion.

☑️ Incremental compilation
☑️ rustfmt preview
☑️ removal of one form of UB

Please welcome Rust 1.24 into the world… source:

One thing I got from trying to render multi-script text with LaTeX is an appreciation for how well browsers handle Unicode. There's a _lot_ of things you can get wrong (and LaTeX, by default, gets every single one of them wrong)

My ability to learn shell scripting, TeX, or Perl is seriously hampered by the way I go "how did anyone think this a good idea?" for half the concepts, and then dropping it.

See also emacs lisp, vimscript

When I learned C++ is was still young and gullible enough to assume all the complexity and programmer-hostility had good reasons. I'd have more trouble with that today.

Roses are red,
Tecophilaea cyanocrocus are blue,
But they're nearly extinct in the wild due to habitat loss and overharvesting,
So be prepared to pay a lot for them and buy only nursery-propagated corms.

The FreeBSD project updated their Code of Conduct. It is now a violation to send someone a message (IM, IRC, Social Media, etc.) with the text "*hug*" in it.

Totally not a joke. Is that a real problem that people face?

This raises so many questions for me!

Does this apply to animated GIFs of hugging?

What is the proper punishment for implying, online, that you are offering a totally-for-pretend hug?

What about other forms of "simulated physical contact"... like a high five?

Mars is red
Earth is blue
Venus is hidden
From everyone's view

Martians are green
Venusians, who knows?
Earthlings are black,
Brown, beige, pink as a rose
#MicroPoetry #smallpoems

My new pet peeve is how so many Snaps and Flatpaks these days are just wrappers around Electron / generic web-apps.

The things that really need repackaging are all the horrible-to-install, incoherent-in-upstream FOSS packages that no one can use because it means putting a single-app bullet in your system.
Like, off the top of my head:
- Calibre
- Cinelerra and all its ilk
- Navit
- Anything where the first installation step is writing a custom udev rule
- Let's face it, Blender

s/move fast and break things/move slowly and fix the mess created by the "move fast and break things" people/g

Making a list of computing terms that sound like lousy 80s action movies, but aren't. So far I have:
- Zero Insertion Force
- Triple Fault
- Null Pointer
- Mutex

TFW when the #rustlang compiler just refuses your code because lifetimes.

Then you have lunch.

Then you slowly realize that the compiler was right and your code was, in fact, unsound.

And you have no idea how the compiler could have known that BECAUSE IT DOESN'T KNOW THE WHOLE CODE FLOW because there's C in the middle... and yet it knows.

It would be kinda nice to be able to subscribe to a thread and get notifications when any new toot was added

just a thought