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FedEx couldn’t be bothered to deliver my package to the building front desk and left a door tag on my unit’s door. I contacted them and asked them to put a notice that delivery to the front desk is ok. Next day comes, I stay home just in case, and they didn’t even *attempt* delivery…

Which is why I hate buying stuff online that I can just go to a store and pickup instead.

A friend got a new GPU and… it didn’t fit his chassis. He had to remove fans and whatnot.

This is reaching PowerPC levels of ridiculous. We all know where that went.

*techmoan intro*
Before I start the video I want to apologize for the noise levels, this thing..
*reaches behind him, picks up a grey cube*
..can be quite loud. So what is it?
*cut to b-roll with voice over*
If you read the popular 1989 novel "don't create the torment nexu

It's official- the studio I work for is shuttering in a month.

If you need or know someone who needs either:

- A Unity/C# Generalist

- A programmer with a background in music / audio technology

- An Art Hacker with gallery / museum experience

for paid work, I would deeply appreciate the connection

Boosts much appreciated.

programming was a mistake 

At that stage of refactoring code to be more flexible than it was originally designed to be, and finding *every* *single* *one* of the shortcuts the original dev undertook, and having to undo them all because they won’t apply in the new model… 😫

My absolute favorite prompt to give to GPT-3, by far, is asking for news articles about Trump and Boris Johnson. They are always 100% perfect, given how these two are know to say wherever comes up on their foggy head. Case in point:

Once I explained that it would be generating animal-themed prompts for humans to draw, the largest model, DaVinci, generated this list.
Good luck, humans
#botober #botober2022

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The wired Apple EarPods are extremely underrated. Sometimes I think they rival the AirPods Pro in clarity and dynamic range.

I filled my 3rd gen iPod with only songs I’ve ripped from my CDs and I’m now listening to them using the EarPods and it’s just so good.

The only negative is that because of the wires you need to keep pushing them back in from time to time.

It’s so Moist™ outside that despite it being almost the same temperature as indoors with the AC on, going outside feels like walking into a much warmer environment.

Turns out JWST runs some JS code 

Makes sense Webb developers would use JavaScript if you asked me.

Since I got a Mac Studio I’ve been thinking about using its 10GbE port to connect to my NAS (which has 2x1GbE ports, and I mostly use for backups, so a decent speed helps), and so I went looking for equipment prices and… yeah… no, thanks.

I might get a 2.5GbE one just to see if I get anything useful out of it.

Pleading not guilty to a crime you were witnessed to commit by several people, and for which you were apprehended on site while committing it, should automatically grant you an extra charge for lying in court.

France is facing massive droughts, but golf greens have been exempted from water restrictions; so climate activists went to golf courses and filled the holes with concrete! #StopGolf

for all mankind S3 finale 


Also jimmy, you fucking prick, this is all your fault

Turns out a tape I was trying to use to calibrate my cassette deck has simply aged terribly, and nothing can record well to it anymore. Other tapes record and play brilliantly… :angy:

The sadder part is that I recently bought it NOS and sealed.

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