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*once the build finishes* “Great, now I can set up this other build using the products of the first build”

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What people think working in large software codebases is like: *hacker movie scenes*

What working in large software codebases is really like: “I’ve set up a build to run while I wait for another build to finish, time for a break (in which I’ll end up setting up another build)”

WOWWWW someone released a free theme park simulator for PICO-8! Play it in the browser here:

Preemptively angry at the CI build I’m waiting on.

Hypotheosis: One’s grandest, most unfounded hypothesis yet.

The production quality in Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” is so damn good. The percussions in “I Can’t Help It” are Steely Dan-level of detail.

Plot twist: The year is 2032 – The US has – in effect – a federal UBI program due to the regular stimulus cheques being granted to counter the frequent natural disasters happening due to climate change.

It’s also IMPOSSIBLE to detect in code review unless you know the signature of all methods involved.

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The biggest sin in Swift is how it allows instance methods to be passed as parameters to functions that take a block type. It’s a turnkey solution to getting a memory leak in your code!

There’s only a couple of glitches I noticed so far with autofocus and one particular AF-S non-D lens. And one AF spot is glitched. Nothing major though, and can be worked around.

It’s remarkable how similar these cameras were to modern DSLRs already. My Nikon D7500 is slightly larger but otherwise looks mostly the same. It’s also extremely light when compared to my Nikon F801s, which is an excellent camera except for the lack of AF-S lens support.

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I have *finally* managed to get some CR2 batteries to put in this Nikon F75 camera, and it works great! For being a budget prosumer model, it has held up really well.

Sadly the rubberized coating on the right side grip is becoming gooey, but thankfully unlike other Nikon models the back plate (the place you press your face against) is just plain plastic.

I’m excited to take it for a ride!

This comic, from 2005, when Alito was in the Supreme Court confirmation process, trying to convince senators that he "respected" Roe v. Wade's precedent, despite his earlier writings opposing abortion rights.

Oh there’s a new Dune game out 👀

It looks like Civ VI

Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

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