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I need to determine whether the account that just followed me is doing a bit or not, so I'm gonna restate an opinion that I haven't shared recently:

Cryptocurrency is bad and extremely stupid for many technological, economic, and social reasons that I, by and large, understand better than its advocates do.

Weird, money keeps disappearing and Nikon cameras keep showing up in the mail, there is something afoot here! :scrungo:

I am thoroughly obsessed with Haruomi Hosono’s music

Reminder that if you frequently put ISO images in USB sticks to boot from them, Ventoy will make your life much easier (just copy the ISOs to the file system in the USB, no need to overwrite it every time).

FYI newcomers, you can put any of the instance emoji in your display name!

The best part about mastodon, is that I can freely tell anyone to go sit on a cactus.

I can now see a lot of the image compression idiosyncrasies persist over the BPSK stream, like long chunks of a particular byte, which could make decoding problematic. It would probably be best to zip the image first before encoding it as base64.

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Encoding images to tape using SSTV is problematic because speed is neither constant or precise. So I’m now trying to store an image encoded as base64 over BPSK1000. We’ll see what happens.

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Back at encoding stuff onto cassette tapes using SSTV and MFSK. Idk, there’s something weirdly wondrous about it.

But overall I wanna thank everyone who has purchased, used, and provided feedback on Mastonaut over the years. It was an extremely fun project to work on and I’ve learned a lot while doing it. I still believe in the future of the fediverse. Consider me making Mastonaut OSS my most recent bet on it. It’s just that I can only focus on so many things at once.

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The source code is licensed under GPLv3 because I don’t want random jokers to simply clone it and start selling it without putting a single ounce of effort into it. However, if you do make improvements, you’re welcome to sell it (as per GPLv3).

Please not that I’m not a GNU egg head, and so if you wanna make use of parts/whole of the project in your own project that’s licensed differently, reach out and let’s chat.

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Mastonaut news: I’ve recently decided to make Mastonaut open-source. I no longer have the time and energy needed to maintain the app, and it has started to lag in features and functionality when compared to the Mastodon web client and other apps.

The app is now free at the App Store. If you have recently purchased the app at full price, please reach out to App Store support and request a refund. App developers can not process refunds at all, you must go through the App Store support.

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