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This is one of those things in programming that are terrible, and yet it couldn’t be made better without breaking some of the original requirements.

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I’ve been writing C code for 11 years and it’s been zero days since I had to lookup the printf placeholder syntax.

New gear. And photos taken with said gear. I’m particularly in love with that landscape photo. It’s just stunning.

“Pretty girls and owl-like gods
Just like nature planned it
Pallid seagulls cross
bacteria seas”

I have no idea what these YMO lyrics are about but they sound metal AF

I think one of the things I’ll miss the most from Europe is the kind of “culture retail” that’s very popular there. France and Spain have Fnac, Germany has Dussmann KulturKaufhaus and Thalia. This seems to not be a thing in North America?

Foreign languages are all fun and games until Icelandic joins the chat.

I’m convinced it is using all the consonants that Danish got rid of.

For All Mankind S3E1 spoiler 

Did they have to kill like half the cast on the first episode?

English villages 🤝 Metal bands

being named things like "Slaughterburn"

low-key work 

Xcode supports ED25519 keys now c:

Star Wars opinion - 

Ever since I figured out that Star Wars is a worse version of Dune, I can’t help but to see everything they do with the new movies as them just making it worse.

I just learned that “USB over Ethernet” is a misnomer, it simply uses ANSI/TIA-568 cables, but the protocol is not ethernet, and this means you can’t use these devices over a LAN network, for example. That also means it won’t work over PoE adapters. Bummer…

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