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My suspicion/guess/hope is that the whole Gaming on Mac™ scene is going to change rapidly in the next 6-12 months.

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It doesn’t work, btw. It crashes after a few seconds. I’ve kinda given up troubleshooting it.

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Wow, No Man’s Sky is aware it is running inside Crossover on an M1 Mac.

TFW you find a nearly complete track in your GarageBand documents folder

If you don’t like the `email+service@` trick to create shadow email addresses, and you use iCloud, starting with iOS 15 and macOS Monterey you’re now able to create free email aliases for any purpose. Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud > Hide My Email and tap “+ Create New Address” to generate a random address. You can also give it a label and a note.

Version 1.3.9 of Mastonaut has just been released which addresses some instance emoji rendering issues on macOS Monterey, plus some small bug fixes:

• Fixes global search menu item not having a shortcut. (⌘⇧F)
• If a user has more than one account with the same display name, Mastonaut now lists the instance domain below the display name in the account pickers.
• Fixes context button in boosts and replies not being clickable.

Thanks for using Mastonaut!

Also lmao

‘Why Idaho? Schneider explained to the Idaho Statesman that it was the wacky reputation of the state, saying, "Idaho is pretty mysterious to all of us. I know it's a beautiful state, but then I know there's also a lot of crazy right-wingers and all that stuff.”’

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Apparently the song “Private Idaho” was just meant as a pun on the term “Private Eye”.

What an enraging, moving, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring article about leaded gasoline — and the man who fought for half of his life to ban it (and succeeded)

There will never be enough monuments named after Clair Patterson.

Here is a small audio sample from a recording made with these microphones to a Type I cassette tape, then captured to my computer.

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I’ve just built a stereo electrec microphone for my Walkman WM-D6C recorder from a couple of electrec units I got off eBay and a pair of cheapo earbuds that were included in a CD player I bought off Amazon. And they work incredibly well!! About €10 worth of materials.

People on forums: “what does this error alert means???¿?÷7@“

The alert, essentially: “please do X to fix this problem”

mildly NSFW, kinda, not really 

When you’re a short skinny top and your bf is a tall buff bottom:

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