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…I pray every single day – nyaa – for revolution…

Professional idiot with a massive follow-base who is paid by large streaming platform, and misinformation peddler who refused to take the vaccine, has just announced that he has covid, and is treating himself with horse dewormer.

Building your house on top of a seismic fault.

Cons: Your house may get sheared in half over the years.

Pros: In the event of a divorce, it’s feasible to give each person one of the sheared halves of the house.

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I love how there are potentially hundreds of roads built _literally_ on top of — and along — the San Andreas Fault, and not a single one of them is named “San Andreas street” or something. It’s like people are pretending it isn’t there.

I’ve prototyped, designed, and ordered a bunch of PCBs. Wish me luck that I didn’t wire anything wrong. 🤞

Hey, WeTransfer, I’ve heard a lot of Silicon Valley bullshit in my time but “we must violate your privacy to save the trees” is a new one even for me.

Please, take a fucking bow.


Me, a non-Finnish person, when mildly inconvenienced: *shaking my fist in the air* “perkele!”

The B-52’s were the best pop band of the 80s, and the ultimate proof of that is this:

> In 1980, John Lennon called the B-52’s his favorite band, and specifically cited “Rock Lobster” as an inspiration for his comeback with Double Fantasy.

Today I was chatting to a friend about software patterns that only exist in certain industries, like ECS (Entity-Component-System) which is a very powerful way of modeling several objects that have shared behaviors; however it has no parallel outside the game-dev world.

I wonder what other things like this exist in niche industries that could be powerful if only more people crossed between industries to share them around.

This is like calling the iPhone the “Foxconn/Apple Phone”

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