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I’ve prototyped, designed, and ordered a bunch of PCBs. Wish me luck that I didn’t wire anything wrong. 🤞

Hey, WeTransfer, I’ve heard a lot of Silicon Valley bullshit in my time but “we must violate your privacy to save the trees” is a new one even for me.

Please, take a fucking bow.


Me, a non-Finnish person, when mildly inconvenienced: *shaking my fist in the air* “perkele!”

The B-52’s were the best pop band of the 80s, and the ultimate proof of that is this:

> In 1980, John Lennon called the B-52’s his favorite band, and specifically cited “Rock Lobster” as an inspiration for his comeback with Double Fantasy.

Today I was chatting to a friend about software patterns that only exist in certain industries, like ECS (Entity-Component-System) which is a very powerful way of modeling several objects that have shared behaviors; however it has no parallel outside the game-dev world.

I wonder what other things like this exist in niche industries that could be powerful if only more people crossed between industries to share them around.

It doesn’t get any more Big Pharma than Pfizer taking most (if not all) the credit for the “Pfizer/BioNTech” vaccine when all Pfizer did was to trial, manufacture, and distribute it. All the development was done by BioNTech a small biotechnology company in Germany founded by two Turkish immigrants.

The Jazz album “Jazz at the Pawnshop” from 1977 sounds better (as in, high definition, HDR audio) than anything I can think of at the moment. It’s truly amazing.

@jrss You can check what’s going on by running `sudo /bin/sshd -p 45623 -d` on the synology and connecting using `ssh <synology address> -p 45623` and see what it says in the log

I wanna hear better reasons for web desktop apps than the usual “it’s easier for the developer.” Newsflash: Making good software is always hard. But now you’re shifting cost to the user’s machine, which now has to spend more resources running your bloated app.

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I can almost understand companies building their first desktop app using electron. But dumping your perfectly fine native app that is adored by people with an electron “clone” is such an insult to your users.

Honestly, the RTM and the EQ tapes sound almost as good as Type II tapes, it’s impressive. They have excellent coating, very uniform, which the other tapes in this list do not. Have a look at the attached images (pictures in same order as list). The ATR tape looks like it was sanded with sandpaper…

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✅ RTM Fox C60: Definite Buy
✅ EQ Professional C90: Definite Buy
🤷‍♂️ Splicit Capture C60: Buy it if on a budget
❌ ATR Magnetics C60: Don’t buy, I was unable to get good audio out of it

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Wow one of them sounds really bad. Like, terrible. Not even my auto-bias deck was able to make good music come out of it.

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