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New tape recorder! And because this is a good Sony unit, my experiments encoding SSTV to tape are going much better than before:

Just bought a Marantz professional field cassette recorder to fix. Should get it in the mail in a couple of weeks

Never heard of an A above middle-C AC current system?? It’s what all the audiophiles use.

So of course now I will download the PDF manual and read through it before the damn thing even arrives 😂

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Somebody help, I’m buying an oscilloscope!!

I wonder when AgingWheels will post updates on the bus

Man, leave it to libertarians to find a worse way to do anything while labeling it innovation

I just realized I’d probably rate very low in those antiquated wealth scales because I have neither a TV or a microwave oven in my apartment.

The people at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg with another incredible achievement:

Guinness World Record for "Longest melody played by a model train"

Watch this:


Berlin, Germany, in the last 8h:


There’s a subreddit dedicated to videos of cats purring, and it’s called r/motorboat. It’s such a perfect name.

Do I really need to explain to a backend engineer that returning a status 500 on a REST API should basically never happen unless the server is on fire?

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