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Nothing like learning a Talking Heads song on the bass to make your left hand completely numb

The discord acquisition makes complete sense. They just have to rename it to Teamz Kidz.

ranty rant covid 

Huh so Germany realized that reopening while the case numbers are going up but vaccination numbers aren’t didn’t quite work out, huh? Incredible.

Concept: 80s and 90s themed state fair, but instead of a Yodeling competition, it’s a competition of people imitating the dial up tone sounds.

Nobody creates panels about the perils of deplatforming when trans people, gay people, or communists are removed from public life and blacklisted. Nobody handwrings like this when "ethnic" studies programs are removed from schools and scholars ridiculed.

This morning:

Pros: Made pancakes.
Cons: My maple syrup went bad since the last time I used it 😞

I’m so annoyed at Frontier focusing so much effort on adding FPS gameplay to Elite: Dangerous. Sure, I don’t have to buy the expansion, but players have been asking for so long for stuff like ship interiors and more things to do with multi-crew. But no, gotta make space CoD...

random memory from childhood, funny 

I distinctly remember being in school around 2002 (I must have been in 1st or 2nd grade??) and the teacher was explaining how to greet each other (also understand I went to a nun school), and she said “if it’s a girl greeting a girl, you can kiss on the cheek. If it’s a boy greeting a girl, you can also kiss on the cheek. But if it’s a boy greeting a boy, you can NOT kiss on the cheek” and all the boys went “awhhhh” LOL.

Just this week there has been two separate papers published on theoretically feasible human-created wormholes [], and another paper on Alcubierre drives that don’t require exotic particles (negative mass) [], and it’s exciting as fuck.

Remember folks: On-site backups is like backing up one of your computer drive’s partitions into another partition.

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So OVH had a catastrophic failure as one of their datacenters caught on fire and was completely destroyed overnight, and random people on Twitter are yelling at their CEO because (presumably) they didn’t have off-site backups.

If someone purchases one of my tweets I’ll just delete it.

Software amplifiers be like:

[Guitar Amp Profiles]
* The Roar of Doom
* Deep Grunge
* Summer of 69
* Made of Steel
* Cephalopod

[Bass Amp Profiles]
* Bass

r/ItHadToBeBrazil is honestly one of the most hilarious things on the internet to me, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m Brazilian or if it’s just how good the posts there are.

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