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I find it cute when people’s native language accidentally “leaks” through literal translations of idioms to English, but when I do it by accident I die inside.

I redrafted because I thought governmental was misspelled but it’s actually correct... English really strived to mess up all their Latin loan words, huh?

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I have just had to take an Official Selfie (as in a selfie for governmental purposes).

2020 is weird.

I think “Crazy Water” is the ultimate perfect Elton John song.

NOAA is predicting a strong geomagnetic storm for the next 24h. So if you live in a region where auroras sometimes happen, keep an eye out!

Is it mean that whenever I head a car peeling off I always hope to hear a loud crashing noise afterwards?

This is a thing that puzzles me so much. In Brazil (of all places) *all* buildings are required to have fire extinguishers on all common access areas, on every floor, every so many meters. Buildings above a certain number of floors are *also* required to have on-site fire hoses with 5 minutes of water supply. I can probably count in one hand the number of times I saw an extinguisher in Europe!

I understand water hoses are hard to retrofit into century old buildings, but fire extinguishers? Come on.

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Today I bought something I should have bought a long time ago.

So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be putting out coding challenges?

I love this lol

This German parcel company that is shipping my online order has a cutesy map showing the current location of the truck with my parcel, and when you tap the truck it beeps its horn


Feeing extremely tired and having a headache. I hope I’m not getting sick 😣

I have acquired an absolute unit of a Christmas tree. About 2.2m tall. Turns out I didn’t have enough lights to make it look nice, so I will buy more lights and ornaments this week.

Big Clive asked on his live stream how many people watching are LGBT and a bunch of people replied “me” and he was like “this does not surprise me at all. We just like technical stuff” ❤️

After hearing BigClive talk about banggood so much I’ve finally ordered something from there. Let’s hope it works out.

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