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While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

I have a second, pre-paid SIM card from when I lived in Spain installed in my phone, because with it I get free data roaming outside of Europe (which in Germany you must pay a limb for).

It’s great, I only need to put €15 once every 6 months or when I need it to keep the number. Problem: telemarketing calls.

So I’m thinking of changing my voicemail message to some very obscene message in Spanish, but what could it be?

Is “The Rhythm of the Saints” the best Paul Simon album ever? Yes or of course?

i believe the children are our future,
teach them well and let them lead the way,

Datadog is such a badass log analyser, I’m shook

He’s still garbage, but you gotta admire how he simply adopted the meme

I recently burned a 100GB backup Blu-ray XL, and it has already been useful :scremcat:

Yes, sex is great, but what about that noise that filth makes as it goes up the vacuum cleaner’s hose?

I’m thinking of starting a mailing list for beta testing Mastonaut builds. Does anyone have a software they personally use and like? Self-hosted or SaaS are both okay.

Notice please: I want a mailing list on the traditional sense, where people can reply and talk to each other, not a newsletter dispatch software.

Thank you. 😊

I have this folder in my notes app called “visual jokes for movies” and it has one joke in it and honestly this is so stupid because I will never ever make a movie, but I laugh my ass off every time I read it or merely think of it.

Now compare this kind of TV show where the guest can (just imagine) TALK and compare it to the garbage shows like Jimmy Fallon. Ugh

I’ve been falling through the YouTube rabbit holes of old TV shows, but I think nothing has yet topped this interview with Orson Welles in 1970. It’s so crazy to see someone who looks and talks just like another regular person talking about crossing paths with kinds like Churchill, George Marshall, and even Hitler:

Me: “AppKit!! Stop stretching that view! Here, I’ll change the hugging priority.”

AppKit: “Aight, imma stretch this other one here then.”


There’s no reason making new funky music when Grace Jones has already mastered the genre.

The NASA job posting for an Astronaut position has “extensive travel” as one of the requirements.

“In this talk I’ll explain my favourite subject, ‘a11y’ (which for the uninitiated stands for ayyyyyyyyyyy)…”

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