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@tootapp Animated gifs in the timeline are auto-pausing music playback 😢

Got a couple of 100GB M-DISC Blu-Rays for long term archival of my music library. We’ll see how that goes.

I haven’t gotten sick yet this winter and I’m starting to get scared I’ll get it all at once in the end of the season.

the Pet Shop Boys assassinate Brian Eno 

animating noise by rotating through the cached rays. this is still too high contrast + has some weird artifacts, but i really like how it moves.

Bastet (a coworker’s cat) was wearing a kimono for last night’s lunar new year celebrations.

The name of the place we're going in Poland for a company retreat is so weird that when I told a friend who's Polish about it he asked me if I had misspelled it lmao

“You could use this [babybel cheese] as a random number generator.” — BigClive

I hope this is only the beginning in a series of breakthroughs in the Mormon church.

Utah is also one of the states that takes in the largest amount of refugees in the US (and this has been the case for many years). Not trying to make publicity for the Mormon church here, but I gotta give credit where it is due.

I couldn't resist the temptation so I recorded a version of Rasputin with the Tetrafluoroethylene lyrics. ( I am not ashamed of my sin.

Ra Ra Rasputin,
It is the monoene of Teflon!

Ra Ra Rasputin,
Decomposes rapidly;
Unsaturated fluorocarbon!

I was thinking of getting a 21:9 display to play MSFS2020 but when I tried it at the store it was a bit too wide, and the resolution was kinda low 😕

If you wanna have legible instruments in a virtual cockpit AND be able to see out the front windshield you need at least 1440px vertically.

Oh how I miss my iMac 5k. I can’t get over the fact I sold it before I knew whether I could bring it to Germany. 😭

Last night I had this dream where I managed to find a buried system configuration in macOS that was still using OS9 UI and I was so confused lol

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