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In the Alexanderplatz S-Bahn station there’s a rail signal right on the platform, and because of that you get to see how fucking massive these things are!

I’m browsing new albums and the name of one of the songs is β€œSpanish computer virus” and I didn’t even listen to it yet but lmao

Version 1.3.2 of Mastonaut is out! It brings several bug fixes and improvements. Among them you’ll find:

β€’ Sockets are more reliable, so Mastonaut should now better keep your timelines rolling.
β€’ When a timeline is scrolled away from the top, it should no longer scroll when new toots arrive.
β€’ Fixed a bug that prevented Mastonaut from relaunching after being quit in full screen.

Happy tooting!

What proves Elon has no clue what he is doing is that if they had based the truck out of the Model X, they could reuse over half of its existing (and perfected) production line. They could leap over the entire phase of production where things just go plain wrong.

Me when I get an email from my landlord, even before reading the subject line: :catto:

Is it mean that I reply to every GORE-TEX ad I see on twitter with a clip from that Seinfeld episode?

@Gargron Hello! Just curious here: Does the official mastodon web client regularly ping the server through the socket to make sure the socket is up? If so how often?

@mdszy Got myself a cradle for my simple iron (good enough for now) and an alligator clip holder thing with a fan.

Also! I figured the main reason why I was having trouble using my iron was because the tip was just very dirty. Once I cleaned it up with some steel wool, it got much easier to use.

I’ve started experimenting with reading IR signals using my raspberry pi. After fiddling a lot I managed to start reading consistent signals.

Now I just need to make some sense of it. Since I don’t want to parse the signal, only memorize it and replay it later, I don’t think my code will need to be extra accurate.

I just realized that those Ethernet-over-Power-line adapters would likely not work back at my mom’s apartment. It has a three-phase delivery panel, and if the in/out sockets are on different phases, they wouldn’t see each other.

Believe it or not, there isn’t a single device out on the market that does just that…

So here’s the project I’m working on: I wanna use my raspberry pi to control my IR devices (stereo, RGB lighting) using HomeKit. The idea is to write my own IR decoder and beamer (to memorize and replay signals), and then have that operate by receiving HomeKit commands.

@mdszy Yo, I have a question. I’m soldering some stuff and sometimes I hear fizzing noises from the cooling solder, as if it had water on it or something. What the hell am I doing wrong? 😬

(It’s a solder roll from 2-3 years ago, but I don’t think it should be bad because of that?) (Also, I should probably not use that thing since it has Lead holy shit lmao)

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