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Guess who’s going to work dressed as Newt Scamander on the 31st? 🤓

Mastonaut version 1.3 is out! This update brings a lot of new features, such as notifications (can be configured by account); a share extension so you can share web pages, images, and more from the share menu in other apps; pinned toots; and a lot more.

This update has been under development for the past couple of months and also brings a lot more polish to the app. I hope you enjoy it!

@mdszy Have you seen CuriousMarc’s video series where he restores a Teletype machine from the 1930s? It’s a wonderfully crazy mix of electric circuits and mechanical ingenuity. He’s now restoring a later teletype from the 60s that talks ASCII. I feel it might be the kind of thing you might be interested in.

Habemus Catalinum.

It’s running better than I expected, so far. No hiccups whatsoever.


Google makes huge contributions to influential climate change deniers. So does Amazon.

One, a republican think tank (of course), was influential in convincing Trump to leave the Paris agreement and dismantle other environmental protections.

A work colleague mentioned they’re going to a conference in London next month, and I thought to myself “bold of you to assume the UK will exist in a months time.”

It is a true joke that the all-knowing and almighty HDMI standard doesn’t support 5k resolutions at 60fps… Thankfully my RX580 has 2xDisplayPort.

The fact the ugly AF RGB gaming parts are sometimes cheaper than the boring non-RGB variants really pisses me off.

One of the screenshots was taken in flight over San Francisco. I sent it to a friend who lives there and was like “do you recognize this?” and he said “yes! Of course”. So I said “it’s a screenshot of the new MSFS” and he was like “WHAT???”.

It’s that good.

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New screen shots of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator are out and holy shit, it’s photorealistic. Truly photorealistic. I cannot wait to buy the shit out of that thing.

@Tom Thank you for providing me with a test subject for mastodon emoji drawing on user display names. :110:

It’s still not perfect but we’re getting there.

Ok so I found the issue. I'm using a build script to inject the current bundle version into the receipt validation code using a preprocessor macro. Xcode 11 introduced this "MARKETING_VERSION" configuration, and this basically borked my script. The receipt validation was comparing the bundle version from the plist against the literal string "$MARKETING_VERSION" so that obviously wasn't working.

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Yeah that did the trick. However the High Sierra build is very broken… Idk if I wanna spend more time fixing these glitches with Catalina around the corner… :thonk:

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I'll try exporting a build without receipt validation and see if it's related to that.

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Ughh I updated to Xcode 11.1 GM and deleted the old one, and now the macOS release builds are failing to launch with some cryptic errors.

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