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So Tim Cook visited our office today. And he’s a paying customer. Can you guess how star struck I am?

@WAHa_06x36 Heyo 👋 I was wondering how does Toot! figure out a status that did not have a card quickly after being posted later gets a card when it scrolls out of view. Are you actively refreshing the status? I thought I’d get a status event in the socket, but it never happens.

“Spitting Image is set to return to television screens – featuring an S&M-clad Vladimir Putin, Meghan Markle wearing a glittery “princess” T-shirt and a puppet of Donald Trump whose tweets are composed by his anus.”


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Just another day at the domain buying but never using factory.


"You can't just travel back in time to ancient Egypt and create memes..."


Bought untitled goose game for Mac and finished it already. What a marvelous piece of gaming. Some puzzles took me a long time to get, but this only makes it even more entertaining when you do figure it out.

Is it too early to call it a masterpiece?

Update: tried the switch demo units at the store. It feels flimsy in the hand with the detachable controllers. The Switch lite feels a lot more substantial and sturdy. Idk, I don’t think I’d buy it, maybe the lite. The games are utterly expensive though, wtf

I’m considering buying a Switch just to play the goose game.

I am truly impressed. Apple likes to throw superlatives at your face, but this year’s iPhone truly seems to have the most durable glass ever on a smartphone.

I’m considering implementing DMs in a future version of Mastonaut to behave exactly like chat messages from a UI perspective (with chat bubbles and all that jazz), but I’m afraid it might be disruptive to the expectations of a Mastodon client. Thoughts?

This is the most comprehensive response I've ever gotten for a radar.

tl;dr for backwards compat, URL intentionally tries to clean up malformed URLs which can cause crashes
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I’ve finally switched my iTunes account to Germany. The last time I switched countries, it completely fucked up my Apple Music suggestions. Now it has immediately surfaced a Paul Simon album I have never seen before (I know), and there seems to be a lot more nice music in the For You section.

Is that it? Is the suggestion curse lifted from me?? I can’t believe it.

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