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I found a gross bug in Mastonaut and now I’m feeling terrible lol

At least now it’s fixed.

Which is shit because I'm working on a Mastonaut feature that relies on me being able to fetch lots of data from the instances :thonkan:

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Tracerouting to these bad websites does get me somewhere, but it turns into triple stars after a few hops…

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Fucking hell, my internet is so shit. I can use some websites just fine, but some others are absolutely unreachable. It's not a DNS issue, I can't even telnet to the IP address…

(During workshop at work) “let’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


Thankfully it wasn’t enough oil to be dangerous, but holy shit.

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So I put my frying pan that had a bit of cooking oil left from the last time I used it (two days ago) on the stove, turned it on, and went to use the toilet quickly while it heated up. When I came back it was LITERALLY ON FIRE WTF

lewd joke 

Dorian is about to give American’s dick the succ

So this evening I’m driving to Westhavelland for an astronomy meetup and I’m so exited. 🔭🤩

Car rental companies are so mean. You never get the car you pick. I get that it says “or similar”, but I have NEVER gotten the exact model they advertised. As far as I know they don’t even have those cars in their fleet.

Help I’m stuck in undebuggable generic programming hell.

Damn when I finally get to *upload* a picture to use in some form of document (meaning I can choose a very nice one) they print it in a way that makes me look like a lo-fi hologram of myself.

US emergency sirens be like: wawawawa

European emergency sirens be like: EEEEH-OOOOH-EEEEH-OOOOH

It’s always a mix of awkward and hilarious when you find out someone you have never ever heard of, but that has quite a following on Twitter, has blocked you.


Competing chants: 'save our democracy / stop the coup' have merged into call and response.

this goddamm otter is back yelling outside my window. ur cute but leave me alone I'm sleepy

Honestly, I should just plan a quick trip to a dark place nearby...

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And today I surveyed a spot in Berlin from where I can clearly see Saturn. The only problem is the light pollution. I’ve bought a light-pollution filter, and we’ll see how much that helps.

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Last night I spent some time outside on my balcony and managed to spot and then IMAGE Neptune using my tiny bit mighty Maksutov telescope. 🌌

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