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A friend gave me a great idea for my mastodon client for Mac, and I've already registered the domain ☺️

Absolute best, guaranteed bug free solution to the Y2K38 problem:

1: Bump the epoch 40 years ahead.
2: …
3: Profit!!!

This is easily the funniest sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. On top of being a good poke at how nostalgia works, it’s also filled with silly gags just for the sake of it.

Oh my god, the Symphonic version of Falco's Kommissar is quite possibly my new favorite song 😍

@ashfurrow Do you know what happens in Mastodon to accessTokens that never get used? I'm experimenting with them and wondering why they are not showing up in my account's list of authorised apps.

chicken levels are currently at 57% but fluctuating wildly

(57%) β– β– β– β– β– β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

Libraries that deal with the Keychain are so overcomplicated, especially since the Codable protocol was added to Swift.

Time to write my own 😝

You know what? Why should my mastodon app have a "contextual" name? I've been thinking now of calling it "Monorail" or something similar which will provide for an awesome icon.

Getting cat hugs. She greets me at the door every day after work.

Another name I've considered for my under-development Mastodon app for Mac is "Tapir". They also have a trunk-like nose and also are cute af. Thoughts?

Went to the Technology Museum in Berlin today. Got to see one of the first usages of punched cards for data storage: A loom! I think very few people grasp how important this machine is to modern computing!

Cleaning up my time machine backups, deleting all backups of Xcode. Some 40+ minutes have passed and it’s still going. Holy crap.

The worst of all is that there is no progress indicator and the management UI is system-modal...

Time for bed I guess.

Got a USB-C to USB-micro-B 3.1 cable and it's supremely fast 😍

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