@kai Yeah that’s why I got this RAID NAS. Its software was shitty though (don’t buy myCloud devices from WesterDigital, their TOS is trash). So I’ve only used the TimeMachine feature because it is encrypted at the OS level, so WD can’t see anything. I’m considering getting something from Buffalo or maybe building my own thing, then reusing the drives from my current NAS.

@kai Yeah it’s mostly a secondary backup in case both my RAID drives fail at the same place. I also keep a third backup of some very important data in flash drives (but it’s like, megabytes).

Today’s cooking was a disaster. I attempted to fry an egg but the oil was too hot so it fried immediately (funny tho cause I had never seen that happen), and then went I went to put salt I basically poured a fuckton of salt on it, and even after removing the excess I probably ate my monthly dose of NaCl.

But to be serious: What’s the best media to use for backups nowadays? I’ve been mostly backing up (via Time Machine) to a hardware RAID of two drives, and recurrently to CD/DVD/BluRay discs (manually). I’m not convinced that’s the best option though 😕

Oh my god I’ve found the video I was thinking about with the tape drive that threads the tape automatically.


“Qualcomm, the biggest supplier of chips for mobile phones, filed its case in China in late 2017, arguing that Apple infringed patents on features related to resizing photographs and managing apps on a touch screen.”

Holy shit Qualcomm went full patent-troll mode.


I've just learned that @nextcloud has (since the last time I checked) added Files App integration to their iOS app . This was what originally held me back from using it for real. This is awesome. (I can't wait to get my first paycheck on the new job 🤣)

@fuzzface The first time I saw a video of that in action I was truly in awe. We (at least I) take too much for granted with our current solid-state tech with no moving parts.

It sounds silly until you see videos of the 1980s and 1990s tape drives by HP that used vacuum to automatically feed the tape from one reel to the other and over the tape heads.

I know it's ridiculous but I wish I had a use for storing data on tapes! :thonkan:

Hey Mastodonians, #GNUSocial citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the #fediverse in just one click!

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I still prefer Italian press machines, however the cheaper ones produce inconsistent-quality coffee (due to using a single boiler), and the decent machines (with a milk frothing tube) start at around €600. And if you want one with a grinder built-in, that goes easily above €1000. This Nespresso machine cost me around €170 and included €40 of coffee capsules. Also aluminum capsules are 100% recyclable, unlike the cheaper "biodegradable” plastic capsules that does really degrade at all.

New toy. It's not computer-related but helps to keep me happy just as well. Just don't buy it at a Nespresso shop. Third-party retailers sell it for cheaper, and you get the €40 (or equivalent) free coffee just the same. mastodon.technology/media/2O2o

@rick @kai That room probably takes enough power to run a small house in Africa lol

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