scrolling through the timeline making Marge Simpson noises at half the posts

Omg this is amazing!! Browsing the web using a web browser from 1991!!
(Which works in the browser) via

Wanna hear a sad happy song? It’s kind of a weird concept, but that’s what it is. The narrator recollects his good memories of living in Cuba, now that he knows he’s going to be assassinated for being an American living there during the revolution, after most other Americans have already left.

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@kai They are, on an implementation level, yes. But that doesn't mean application developers can just go nuts.

In the world of Linux where everything is "customizable", there needs to be a system-level API that lets applications query which key combos to use for even the basic stuff (like copy-paste), and that lets users configure however they want.

Not even macOS has something like this. It would be a game-changer, in my opinion.

@kai The main critique I have of basically every Linux desktop environment is that they can’t decide whether they wanna mimic Windows or macOS.

So they have this weird mix of both, which is especially annoying with global key shortcuts. In elementaryOS they do a bunch of stuff with the Super (Command) key, but still do Copy+Paste with Ctrl, for example.

If elementaryOS wouldn’t be afraid of committing to mimicking macOS only, it’d be a great desktop experience.

Note to self: make sure not to mix networking sessions meant for fetching resources (heavy cacheing) and for API interaction (little to no cacheing).

@shadowfacts Yeah idk what was wrong, to be honest. They were mostly recent Macs though, the oldest being the 2015 iMac I used to have. It was especially frustrating because WiFi worked just fine on all other distros I tried.

@shadowfacts I tried eOS on two or three different Macs, and the WiFi never worked. Ever. I reached out to them and they effectively said they are unaware of any related issues.


I find both the GNOME 3 and elementaryOS desktop shells very attractive and stylish. I kinda feel like writing software for them, but I know I'll miss the Cocoa/AppKit APIs.

Sad that the GNOME version of Ubuntu is not called Gnubuntu.

@Gargron I’m looking forward to testing this on Mastonaut 😄

It should work, but still.

@tonyarnold True. At the same time I’ve already purchased a Parallels license, so now I have to stick with it 😂

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