What an enraging, moving, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring article about leaded gasoline — and the man who fought for half of his life to ban it (and succeeded)

There will never be enough monuments named after Clair Patterson.


@saramg Yes 😄 It’s more an ornament than anything. It’s meant to be similar to those blinky “computers” in old sci-fi TV shows. I totally took the idea from Big Clive: youtube.com/watch?v=bI_zgZz-V4

@Archimage I wonder how many of them play the new Microsoft flight simulator? They’ve been using that word a lot to refer to scenery built under commission by 3rd parties to bundle in the game expansions.

Here is a small audio sample from a recording made with these microphones to a Type I cassette tape, then captured to my computer.

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I’ve just built a stereo electrec microphone for my Walkman WM-D6C recorder from a couple of electrec units I got off eBay and a pair of cheapo earbuds that were included in a CD player I bought off Amazon. And they work incredibly well!! About €10 worth of materials.

People on forums: “what does this error alert means???¿?÷7@“

The alert, essentially: “please do X to fix this problem”

@robey I’ve been messing around with running the Windows 10 ARM build on a VM in a M1 Mac and I was able to run AoE 3 remastered without a fuss. The graphics performance wasn’t excellent but it was pretty good considering there isn’t a dedicated GPU.If this trend continues, there will be zero reasons left to have a x86 machine.

mildly NSFW, kinda, not really 

When you’re a short skinny top and your bf is a tall buff bottom: botsin.space/@nocontextspongeb

@andrioid Pause the video/ad, then click Share > Embed > Hit play on the preview window. Ads never play there.

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