Wanna watch an architect build a model building? From scratch? Pouring 'concrete' and everything?


I worry that I mad the reporting UI TOO MUCH FUN. Please don’t report users just to test this, no matter how bad their anime opinions are, even @halcy. He is trying his best.

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@skelly I still put my egg cartons in the fridge regardless, because they last longer

Mehdi (ElectroBOOM) is such a great engineer, a great teacher, and a great entertainer. He deserves all the success he has. youtu.be/jW3_txSfIAQ

Today is a good day because Rush Limbaugh went to the same place as Ronald Reagan.

“Oh yes, I’m majoring in International Relationships, I’ve got bfs all over the world.”

Android devs like making fun of iOS users for getting features “Android had for years” but what I find funnier is having Android developers hyped about system features iOS had for almost two decades.

It will never stop blowing my mind how the forwards trip always feels longer than the return trip (given they’re the same distance).

Oh no, the elevator in my building stopped working. I wonder if it’s because it’s -10°C outside 😂

@kai not really, it’s the first time I’ve seen it snow enough to completely cover the streets here since 2018. Coworkers also commented on how unusual this is.

Snowstorm Update: since Sunday morning it has snowed about 7cm (almost 3 inches) in Berlin. ❄️☃️❄️

If ya mastadon is crumbing it means ya put the oven too hot

@skelly you could get a tablet data plan instead of a phone plan


Apartment rental in Germany is such a fucking laborious process that I’ve contemplated moving countries.

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