Big Clive asked on his live stream how many people watching are LGBT and a bunch of people replied “me” and he was like “this does not surprise me at all. We just like technical stuff” ❤️

@matt @ClouD @evelynyap if you never listened to the episodes it already downloaded, it will likely keep them regardless of this setting. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Podcasts, hit edit, and delete all podcast files. If it downloads them all again, then you can be sure it’s a bug.

After hearing BigClive talk about banggood so much I’ve finally ordered something from there. Let’s hope it works out.

@kai I think that’s not a valid comparison. Most people who voted for Obama fundamentally disagree with dropping bombs onto civilians in the Middle East. Meanwhile most Trump supporters are 100% okay with caging children and with police shooting black people for game.

@millenomi Hey! Do you have multiple accounts? Mastonaut attempts to use open windows if any of them are set to the same user as the one that received the notification. If you’re sure the notification is for a user for whom a window is already open, then this is a bug and I’ll look into it 😊

@skelly They revealed it a while ago, but it only released now

"What the hell is a 'steam car'??" You ask? Well I'm so glad you asked. Get ready to have your mind blown to tiny bits in awe of the future we could have had:

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The sad reality is that the only reason ICEs took over the market was energy density. If you wanted more power, steam cars were better, and if you wanted reliability, electric cars always won. But energy density is the key and it's what ICEs were best at.

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One day, in a distant future, when electric vehicles are the norm, people will look back on internal-combustion vehicles in awe and despair that we could have once relied on such an overcomplicated mechanism simply to propel things forward.

re: Berlin rent freeze law 

@Jakobiner Unfortunately it is not, it only applies to rent payments made after November 23. But even if your landlord forces you to keep paying the excess value from that day, if a decision is later made that they were breaking this law, you are entitled to the excess payments made from the 23 of November on.

Berlin rent freeze law 

@skander You have to dispute it in court, unfortunately. And if found liable the landlord can be fined up to half a million euros.

Berlin rent freeze law 

So I put my apartment data on the Berlin website where they calculate your maximum legal rent price based on a law that was approved in April, and it says my rent should be about half of what I'm paying.

Something something landlords

Is there a "popular" band that is more singular than Jethro Tull? I can't put them in any category that would be shared with other bands from the same time. I know of bands that were influenced later on by them, but when they were on top, there was nothing like them out there.

@skelly This is why I've muted every single chat group I'm in.

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