I’ve decided to buy a bunch of DC voltage regulators to try and make all my vintage electronics that run on batteries also run from a USB 5V supply

The fact EA Games is working on The Sims 5 and expansion packs for Sims 3 are still sold at full price tells you everything you need to know about EA Games.

rage against the machine was founded by richard stallman when he got really mad at a printer. few know this

@shadowfacts That’s a big sign for me of someone who knows what that means and wants to brag about having that knowledge as if it was some sort of technical secret

@tewha maybe magnetically attachable controllers, like in the switch? I honestly could totally see apple doing that

mh ~ 

When you find something that makes you think of someone but you can’t share it with them because they don’t talk to you anymore 🥲

Outside air temperature of 26°C or above means we officially switch from lattes to iced lattes

:brain1: Breaking music streaming DRM by breaking the encryption
:brain4: Breaking music streaming DRM by recording the music to cassette tapes

@aurynn Hey! I’ve been a bit busy with my day job lately, I have had very little time to work on side projects. I do intend to keep updating it though!

@shadowfacts some views don’t like being made with size zero-zero (what happens when you do UIView() for example). Try giving a problematic view a positive size on init (or its parent) and see if that helps

New tape recorder! And because this is a good Sony unit, my experiments encoding SSTV to tape are going much better than before:

Just bought a Marantz professional field cassette recorder to fix. Should get it in the mail in a couple of weeks

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