If you like writing music but is blocked by having nothing to write about, remember Yellow Magic Orchestra wrote a banger about an ugly jam sandwich youtube.com/watch?v=STPpnnfJ-G

Ok after playing around with it for a few days, I have to say, Minidisc was the perfect media to replace cassette tapes, it’s too bad it only got popular late in the physical media era…

Recording to them is a piece of cake, you can modify/reorder the tracks _after_ recording them, sound quality is nearly as good as CD (if not equal in most circumstances), they’re tiny, they don’t run the risk of getting snagged into your player because you didn’t clean it, wow/flutter are inexistent, the list goes on…

Feeling mildly annoyed at manufacturers insistence in labelling battery capacity in *thousands* of *milli*-Ampere/hour. THAT’S JUST “5Ah” YOU DIMWITS

Instead of “metaverse”, lets just call it “miiverse for business”

@robey Same. As a kid I went straight from a radio walkman to an MP3 player (at the time both very budget models).

Now I got that first box with everything inside from eBay for €70 including shipping.

The cool thing about all these old media stuff is that there isn’t too much demand unless you’re looking for the top of the line stuff (in the case of minidisc that’s NetMD and HiMD recorders) so you can sometimes get a boatload of stuff for little.

it's called heavy metal because of the lead guitars

@WAHa_06x36 Why do the vocals sound like a stepper motor struggling with a gearbox

@fribbledom By the way, if your skin is very cracked, the first times you use Eucerin it will burn like hell, but apparently that’s a good sign lol

@fribbledom Last time I went to a dermatologist she told me to not use supermarket moisturisers, and told me to use Eucerin with Urea. I use it once a day before bed and it works great. Healthy skin without the oily feeling.

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